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2004-2005 Highlights

Event: Let's Knit the Community Together

This was a wonderful opportunity for members of the TC Community to take a break during the day and learn the art of knitting.  Beginners were able to learn a new craft while experienced knitters had a chance to perfect their skills.

Bobbi leads the knitting class
In the photo: Bobbi leads the knitting class.

Event: Taste of TC Potluck

This potluck gave community members a chance to sample recipes from the "Taste of TC" Cookbook.  The cookbook was developed by the Office of the President Diversity and Community as a way for members of the TC community to share their unique and varied backgrounds through the food they love.  Everyone who attended this event brought a small dish to share with the rest of the community.

TC Staff Member Unwraps Favorite Dish for TC Potluck
In the photo: Violet unwrapps her yellow rice dish.

Members of the community line up to taste various TC treats!
In the photo: Members of the TC community line up to sample dishes prepared by their fellow community members.

Cookbooks were available for purchase!
In the Photo: "Taste of TC" Cookbooks were available to purchase.  Cookbooks can still be purchased by contacting our office.

Event: Happy Hour

TC Happy Hour is a chance for members of the TC Community to mix, mingle, and make new friends while enjoying a glass of beer or homemade sangria and the best finger food Sage has to offer!

TC students get a chance to make new friends at Happy Hour
In the photo: TC community members get a chance to make new friends

Happy Hour gives everyone something to smile about!

Happy Hour gives everyone something to smile about
In the photos:  Happy Hour gives everyone something to smile about!

Event: Conversations with President Levine

As part of the college conversation series from the Office of the President Diversity and Community, TC President Arthur Levine met with students, faculty and staff members of the TC Community for an informal evening of food and dialogue.

Students gather for an evening of informal dialouge with President Levine
In the photo: President Levine talks about the future of TC

Event: Business and Talent Showcase

TC Community members got a chance to show off their talents and small businesses at the Pre-Thanksgiving Business and Talent Showcase.  The showcase is an opportunity to bring the community together and recognize talents.

Business and Talent Showcase

Business and Talents Showcase
In the photos:  TC Community members promote small businesses and show                            off their talents at the Business and Talent Showcase

Event: TC Author Series with Dr. Gregory Anderson

Dr. Gregory Anderson, TC Assistant Professor in the Program in Higher and Postsecondary Education, is the author of Building a People's University in South Africa : Race, Compensatory Education and the Limits of Democratic Reform. His research interests include higher education policy and reform; race, access, and equity in higher education; compensatory/remedial education; and comparative-international topics in higher education (with an emphases on South Africa and the United States ).

Dr. Anderson and Janice Robinson
In the photo:  Janice Robinson introduces Dr. Gregory Anderson

Dr. Anderson
In the photo:  Dr. Anderson speaks about his research concerning "Building a People's University" in South Africa