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Deanna Kuhn

Professional Background

Educational Background

B.S., University of Illinois; Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Scholarly Interests

Cognitive development across the life span and implications for educational theory and practice.

Selected Publications

Kuhn, D., & Crowell, A. (2011). Dialogic argumentation as a vehicle for developing young adolescents? thinking. Psychological Science, 22, 545-552.
Kuhn, D. (2010). Teaching and learning science as argument. Science Education, 94, 810-824.

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development of intellectual values. Perspectives on Child Development.

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Kuhn, D., Goh, W., Iordanou, K., & Shaenfield, D. (2008). Arguing on the computer: A microgenetic study of developing argument skills in a computer-supported environment. Child Development, 79(5), 1310-28. 
Kuhn, D., Iordanou, K., Pease, M., & Wirkala, C. (2008). Beyond control of variables: What needs to develop to achieve skilled scientific thinking?  Cognitive Development. [Special issue, The Development of Scientific Thinking, B. Sodian & M. Bullock, eds.]

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HUDK 4820: Education for thinking: Goals and methods for the middle school

Identifies and examines skills of argument, analysis, and inference that are central to critical thinking, reviews research on how they develop with practice during late childhood and early adolescent years, and illustrates methods that support their development, suitable for use in classrooms from middle elementary through junior high school years.

HUDK 5023: Cognitive development

Theory and research on the development of cognitive processes across the lifespan.

HUDK 6523: Seminar in cognitive development

Permission required. Advanced topics in research and theory in cognitive development.

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