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Judith Miller

Professional Background

Educational Background

Scholarly Interests

Selected Publications

HUDK 4022: Developmental psychology: Childhood

Children's cognition, perception, representation, language, affect, personality, and sexuality. Family structure and school as they influence these aspects of childhood.

HUDK 4024: Developmental psychology: Adulthood and the lifespan

Theories of adult development, with an emphasis on the historical transformation of adult roles, and the significance of marriage, family, child rearing, work, and social class in adulthood socialization.

HUDK 5028: Spiritual development across the lifespan

This course concentrates on the role of spirituality on human development using a multidisciplinary focus. Spiritual traditions are examined using stage theory and parallel theories from other fields.

HUDK 5029: Personality development and socialization across the lifespan

Theory and research regarding the interaction between naturally developing personality structures and socialization processes throughout life.