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Britt Kjerstin Hamre

Professional Background

Educational Background

Scholarly Interests

Selected Publications

C&T 4123: Curriculum and instruction in elementary education

Permission required. An introduction to teaching, learning, and curriculum in elementary classrooms, including learning processes; instructional planning; student observation and assessment; classroom management; working in urban, diverse, and inclusive settings; and culture and community. The course emphasizes the relationship between theory and practice and supports students in the development of self-analytic, reflective, problem solving skills and instructional planning. Special fee: $100.

C&T 4124: Curriculum development and instruction in inclusive elementary education

Permission required. Continuation and extension of C&T 4123, with an emphasis on curriculum design, standards, multi-level curriculum development, and planning instruction based on student assessment.

C&T 4143: Multicultural social studies in the elementary and middle school

Permission required. Teaching, learning, and curriculum development in social studies including a critical examination of content and methodology, current practices and issues, state, and professional standards. Materials fee: $20.

Centers and Projects

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