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Douglas David Ready

Professional Background

Educational Background

Ph.D., University of Michigan, Educational Foundations (Sociology) and Public Policy
M.Ed., University of Virginia, Social Foundations of Education
M.M., University of Rochester
B.M.Ed., Ohio State University

Scholarly Interests

Dr. Ready, an Associate Professor of Education and Public Policy, researches the links between education policy, social policy, and educational equity. Much of this research focuses on how contemporary policies moderate or exacerbate socio-demographic disparities in cognitive development. Representative work has appeared in Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, Educational Policy, Sociology of Education, American Educational Research Journal, American Journal of Education, Teachers College Record, Research in Higher Education, Early Childhood Research Quarterly, Early Education and Development, as well as in books and edited volumes published by the Brookings Institution, Teachers College Press, and the American Educational Research Association.

Selected Publications

Ready, D.D., & Chu, E.M. (2015). Socio-demographic inequality in early literacy development: The role of teacher perceptual accuracy. Early Education and Development, 26, 970-987.

Ready, D.D. (2014). Teach for America Teachers in Duval County Public Schools: An Analysis of Retention and Performance.

Ready, D.D. (2013). Associations between student achievement and student learning: Implications for value-added school accountability models. Educational Policy, 27(2), 92-120.

Reid, J.L., & Ready, D.D. (2013). High-quality preschool: The socioeconomic composition of preschool classrooms and children's learning. Early Education and Development, 24(8), 1082-1011.

Wells, A.S., Ready, D.D., Duran, J., Grzesikowski, C., Hill, K., Roda, A., Warner, M, & White, T. (2012). Still separate, still unequal, but not always so "suburban": The changing nature of suburban school districts in the New York metropolitan area. In W.F. Tate (Ed.), Research on schools, neighborhoods, and communities (125-149). Washington, DC: American Educational Research Association.

Ready, D.D., & Silander, M.R. (2011). School racial composition and young children's cognitive development: Isolating family, neighborhood, and school influences. In E. Frankenberg & E. DeBray (Eds), Integrating schools in a changing society: New policies and legal options for a multiracial generation (91-113). Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press.

Ready, D.D., & Wright, D.L. (2011). Accuracy and inaccuracy in teachers' perceptions of young children's cognitive abilities: The role of child background and classroom context. American Educational Research Journal, 48(2), 335-360.

Kugelmass, H., & Ready, D.D. (2011). Racial/ethnic disparities in collegiate cognitive gains: A multilevel analysis of institutional influences on learning and its equitable distribution. Research in Higher Education, 52(4), 323-348.
Ferguson, J.L., & Ready, D.D. (2011, co-authored). Expanding notions of social reproduction: Grandparents' educational attainment and grandchildren's cognitive skills. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 26, 216-226.

Ready, D.D. (2010). Socio-economic disadvantage, school attendance, and early cognitive development: The differential effects of school exposure. Sociology of Education, 83(4), 271-286.

Lee, V.E., & Ready, D.D. (2009). The U.S. high school curriculum: Three phases of research and reform. The Future of Children, 19(1), 135-156.

Ready, D.D. (2008). Class-size reduction: Policy, politics, and implications for equity. Campaign for Educational Equity, Teachers College, Columbia University.

Ready, D.D. & Lee, V.E. (2008). Choice, equity, and the schools-within-schools reform. Teachers College Record, 110(9), 1930-1958.

Ready, D.D. & Lee, V.E. (2007). Optimal context size in elementary schools: Disentangling the effects of class size and school size. In T. Loveless & F.M. Hess (Eds.), Brookings Papers on Education Policy, 2006/2007 (99-135). Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution.

Lee, V.E. & Ready, D.D. (2007, co-authored). Schools-within-schools: Possibilities and pitfalls of high school reform. New York: Teachers College Press.

Burkam, D.T., LoGerfo, L.F., Ready, D.D., & Lee, V.E. (2007). The differential effects of repeating kindergarten. Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk, 12(2), 103-136.
Lee, V.E., Burkam, D.T., Ready, D.D., Honigman, J.J., & Meisels, S.J. (2006). Full-day vs. half-day kindergarten: In which program do children learn more? American Journal of Education, 11(2), 163-208.

Ready, D.D., LoGerfo, L.F., Lee, V.E., & Burkam, D.T. (2005). Explaining girls' advantage in kindergarten literacy learning: Do classroom behaviors make a difference? Elementary School Journal, 106(1), 21-38.

Lee, V.E., & Ready, D.D. (2005). The schools-within-schools reform: A viable solution to the problems of large high schools? In T. Urdan and F. Pajares (Eds.), Educating Adolescents: Challenges and Strategies (179-206). Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publications.

Ready, D.D., Lee, V.E., & Welner, K. (2004). Educational equity and high school organization. Teachers College Record, 106(10), 1989-2014.

Burkam, D.T., Ready, D.D., Lee, V.E., & LoGerfo, L. (2004). Social-class differences in summer learning between kindergarten and first grade: Model specification and estimation. Sociology of Education, 77(1), 1-31.

Nettles, M.T., Millett, C.M., & Ready, D.D. (2003). High schools on the front line: Attacking the African American/White achievement gap on college admissions tests. In D. Ravitch (Ed.), Brookings Papers on Education Policy, 2003 (215-252). Washington, D.C: Brookings Institution.

Lee, V.E., Ready, D.D., & Johnson, D.J. (2001). The difficulty of finding rare samples to study: The case of high schools divided into schools-within-schools. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 23(4), 365-379.




Centers and Projects

Hechinger Institute on Education and the Media

The Hechinger Institute exists to equip journalists with the knowledge and skills they need to produce fair, accurate and insightful reporting. Since its launch in 1996, the institute has sponsored more than 63 seminars for journalists who write, editorialize or edit coverage of education.

More than 1,800 journalists have attended Hechinger Institute seminars, which feature top education experts, including faculty from Teachers College. Held at Teachers College and throughout the U.S., Hechinger seminars are designed to create an intimate, salon-like atmosphere in which all of the participants and presenters are encouraged to participate.

The institute also produces primers and publications on timely topics in education, from covering higher education to understanding teachers unions. The institute maintains a website with resources related to seminar topics along with a blog on early childhood issues. In 2007, the institute is sponsoring "Covering America, Covering Community Colleges" a fellowship designed to encourage and promote in-depth coverage of community colleges for print and broadcast reporters, online and editorial writers.
The Hechinger Institute's director is Richard Lee Colvin, the former lead education writer for the Los Angeles Times who spent much of his career writing about education for newspapers in California. The assistant director is Liz Willen, a former education writer for Newsday and Bloomberg News.

The institute is supported by a variety of private philanthropies, including the John S. and James Knight Foundation, the Broad Foundation, the Pew Charitable Trusts, the Joyce Foundation, The Ford Foundation, The Wallace Foundation, Harold W. McGraw Jr., chairman emeritus of the McGraw-Hill Companies, the Cotsen Family Foundation, the Lumina Foundation for Education and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It is named in memory of Fred M. Hechinger, a former education editor of the New York Times and a trustee of Teachers College.

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