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Deanna Kuhn

Professional Background

Educational Background

B.S., University of Illinois; Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Scholarly Interests

Cognitive development across the life span and implications for educational theory and practice.

Selected Publications

Kuhn, D., & Crowell, A. (2011). Dialogic argumentation as a vehicle for developing young adolescents? thinking. Psychological Science, 22, 545-552.
Kuhn, D. (2010). Teaching and learning science as argument. Science Education, 94, 810-824.

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development of intellectual values. Perspectives on Child Development.

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Kuhn, D., Goh, W., Iordanou, K., & Shaenfield, D. (2008). Arguing on the computer: A microgenetic study of developing argument skills in a computer-supported environment. Child Development, 79(5), 1310-28. 
Kuhn, D., Iordanou, K., Pease, M., & Wirkala, C. (2008). Beyond control of variables: What needs to develop to achieve skilled scientific thinking?  Cognitive Development. [Special issue, The Development of Scientific Thinking, B. Sodian & M. Bullock, eds.]

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HUDK 5023: Cognitive development

Theory and research on the development of cognitive processes across the lifespan.

HUDK 6523: Seminar in cognitive development

Permission required. Advanced topics in research and theory in cognitive development.

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