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Gerard Vezzuso

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A&HA 4094: Introduction to digital photography

This course is designed to introduce students to digital photography and the applications used to produce images. Digital cameras have become both the pastime and the instrument of choice for professional photographers. There have been more pictures taken this decade than in a century since its creation. The class will cover the fundamentals of the digital camera, the Photoshop application for image enhancement and using the Epson photo printer to produce images on inkjet paper. We will review the multiple functions of digital cameras and how to apply this to creative image making. Technical terms ISO, white balance, file sizes, pixels,  resolution and exposure compensation will be demystified. Through weekly presentations we will familiarize ourselves with color, composition and thematic approaches. Students will also be introduced to contemporary photographers as we apply ourselves to our own unique vision. Please bring your camera to first class. Special fee: $100. Noncredit fee: $660 plus special fee.