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Herve Varenne

Professional Background

Educational Background

License-ès-Lettres, Université d'Aix-Marseille
M.A., Ph.D., University of Chicago

Scholarly Interests

Culture, communication, and education with special attention to comparative and historical conditions.  Polity and community theory, particularly as it applies to families, their immediate situations, and their positions in a global humanity as the joint production of all involved.

Selected Publications

Americans Together: Structured Diversity in A Midwestern Town.  (1977).

American School Language: The Rhetorical Structuring of Daily Life in a Suburban High School.: (1983)

Symbolizing America. (Editor. 1986)

Ambiguous Harmony: Family Talk in America  (1992).

Successful failure: The School America builds, with Ray McDermott , 1998).

Alternative anthropological perspectives on education (Editor, Volume 1 of the Perspectives on Comprehensive Education, co-edited with Edmund W. Gordon. 2008)

Theoretical Perspectives on Comprehensive Education: The Way Forward. (co-editor with Edmund W. Gordon, Volume 2 of the Perspectives on Comprehensive Education, co-edited with Edmund W. Gordon. 2009)

ITSF 4034: Dynamics of family interaction

An introduction to communication patterns inside families, with a special emphasis on both their complexity at the interpersonal level and their simplicity within the social structure of a community. Class time is dominated by cross-cultural data on family structure and videotape analyses of communication patterns within American families.

ITSF 5001: Ethnography and participant observation: fieldwork, analysis, reporting

Permission required. ITSF 5000 or equivalent required. This course examines methods to anayze ethnographic and, more broadly, qualitative data. Students who enroll are expected to have already completed a significant amount of data. The course emphasizes the role of theory, different analytical traditions and techniques, and how to write up ethnographic data.

ITSF 5003: Communication and culture

Introduction to major theories of human communication and culture as they relate and build on each other.

ITSF 5016: Ethnography of education

Introduction to the ethno- graphic investigation of educative institutions(villages, neighborhoods, families, peer groups, schools, etc.) and to the policy issues it addresses.

ITSF 5430: Internship

Permission required. Supervised experiences in diverse settings designed to develop skills in research, development, planning, and evaluation.

ITSF 5610: First-year colloquium in applied anthropology

Permission required. This is a year-long critical review of important works in anthropology and education and applied anthropology. During the spring semester, students present proposals for their summer fieldwork before the members of both programs. Required of, and open only to, first-year doctoral students. Meets concurrently with ITSF 5611 during the spring semester.

ITSF 6510: Education and cultural production

Seminar reviewing theoretical developments in culture theory as it focuses on education as the foundation of cultural production.