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Karen Zumwalt

Professional Background

Educational Background

B.A., Mount Holyoke College (political science with minor in economics); M.A.T., Harvard University Graduate School of Education (social studies); Ph.D., University of Chicago (Education: curriculum and philosophy)

Dissertation Title: The Evaluative Environment of Classrooms

Scholarly Interests

Teacher education. Curriculum. Teaching. Alternative routes to teaching.

Selected Publications

"Research on teaching: Policy implications for teacher education" (NSSE Yearbook, Policy Making in Education).

Improving Teaching (ASCD Yearbook).

"Curriculum Implementation" (AERA Handbook of Research on Curriculum).

"Beginning professional teachers: The need for a curricular vision of teaching" (AACTE Knowledge Base for the Beginning Teacher).

"Teachers' characteristics: Research on  the demographic profile" and "Research on indicators of quality" (Studying Teacher Education: The Report of the AERA Panel on Research and Teacher Education).

 "Who is Teaching? Does it Matter?" (ATE Handbook of Research on Teacher Education: Enduring Issues in Changing Contexts)

C&T 4130: Critical perspectives in elementary education

Required for all professional certification M.A. students (elementary). Co-requisite: C&T 4502 (section 1). Examination of issues related to contemporary elementary education in the United States from the perspective of teacher as a reflective practitioner and curriculum maker, with a focus on teaching for social justice. Designed to complement students masters action research projects.

C&T 4161: The teacher: Socio-historical, cultural contexts of teaching

Exploration of what it means to be a teacher through analysis of historical studies, teacher autobiographies, proposals for change, and personal reflection. Focus questions are: What is a good teacher? What is a professional teacher? Prerequisite: PreK-12 teaching experience.

C&T 4502: Master's project

Permission required. Required for M.A. students in the Curriculum and Teaching Program. Students work to develop proposals to initiate required Masters action research project.

C&T 4900: Research and independent study: Curriculum and teaching

Masters degree students undertake research and independent study under the direction of a faculty member.

C&T 6900: Directed research and theory development in curriculum and teaching

Permission required.

C&T 7500: Dissertation seminar in curriculum and teaching

Two semesters required of all doctoral candidates in the department unless proposal is defended in the first semester. Development of doctoral dissertations and presentation of proposals for approval.

C&T 8900: Dissertation advisement in curriculum and teaching

Individual advisement on doctoral dissertations. Fee to equal 3 points at current tuition rate for each term. For requirements, see section in catalog on Continuous Registration for Ed.D. degree.

Documents & Papers

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