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Maria Hartman

Professional Background

Educational Background

M.A. Teachers College, Columbia University
B.A. Fordham University

Scholarly Interests

Selected Publications

principal publications

Hartman, M.C. and Kretschmer, R.; Talking and Writing as Tools for Learning: Deaf Teenagers Reading Sara Plain and Tall.  Journal of Reading, November (1992).

Hartman, M.; Making Sense of Math through Writing. Perspectives in Education and Deafness, Jan/Feb (1994).

Hartman, M.; Thinking and Learning in Classroom Discourse. The Volta Review, Volume 98, Number 3; Summer (1996).

Hartman, M.; Independent Reading – Interpreting, Making Meaning. Perspectives in Education and Deafness, May/June (1999).

Wang, Y., Kretschmer, R, and Hartman, M.: Reading and Students Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing. The Journal of Balanced Reading Instruction Special Issue: Reading and Children with Disabilities, Volume 15, Number 2; Fall (2008).

HBSE 4071: Special methods: Methods of teaching reading and writing to individuals who are d/Deaf or hard of hearing

Study of special methods of teaching in programs for children and youth who are deaf or hard of hearing at nursery, elementary, and secondary levels, with particular attention to the development of language within the language arts subject areas. Materials fee: $10.

HBSE 4072: Development of language for individuals who are d/Deaf or hard of hearing

Language development of deaf or hard of hearing individuals at different maturational levels. Prerequisite: HBSE 4079 or equivalent.

HBSE 4079: Language development and rehabilitation: The foundations

Course designed to establish a firm foundation in generative syntax, semantics, and pragmatics as it relates to language development and rehabilitation. Materials fee: $10.

HBSE 4300: Practicum in assessment and evaluation of individuals with exceptionalities

Supervisors affiliated with the Dean Hope Center. Permission required. Prerequisite: HBSE 4082. Participation in interdisciplinary, psychoeducational assessment of exceptional children. Analysis of observational and test data; formulation of educa-tional programs for exceptional learners. Conducted in the Dean Hope Center or in appropriate community facilities. Course meets the equivalent of one full day a week. Supervisory fee: $100 and lab fee: $150. (Plus additional lab time).

HBSE 4707: II: Observation and student teaching in special education: Deaf and hard of hearing

Permission required. Course requires 3-5 days a week for participation in community, school, and agency programs and a weekly seminar on campus.

HBSE 6407: Advanced internships in special education: Deaf and hard of hearing

Permission required. Post-masters level. Intensive in-service internship at agency chosen to meet individual students needs. Students submit reports analyzing experiences.