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Susan Garnett Russell

Professional Background

Educational Background

BA Stanford
MA Johns Hopkins (SAIS)
PhD Stanford

Scholarly Interests

International and comparative education; education and conflict; human rights and gender; civic education; sociology of education

Selected Publications

ITSF 4090: Issues and institutions in international educational development

This course explores theoretical approaches to the study of education in international development and uses these approaches to consider current topics and debates in the fields of international and comparative education. This course also introduces students to institutions involved with educational development in diverse global settings, such as the United Nations and the World Bank. This course is also offered at the doctoral level (ITSF 6581).

ITSF 4160: Human rights education in Africa: Politics, policies, and pedagogies

Students examine the historical conditions that give rise to human rights violations and the efforts to protect rights through policy and education. They explore different approaches to human rights education, apply them to case studies of specific African countries, and develop human rights education curricula.