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Gifted Education
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Gifted Education

In the Department of Curriculum & Teaching

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Program Courses:

Please check the Class Schedule or contact the program for specific course availability for each semester:

C&T 4021 Nature and needs of gifted students
Psychological factors, personal and social, affecting identification and development of gifted children and youth; implications for education, counseling and guidance.

C&T 4022 Instructional models in the education of gifted students
A review and application of special instructional systems for educating the gifted. Special attention devoted to frameworks developed by Bloom, Gordon, Parnes, Renzulli, Stanley, Tannenbaum, and Taylor. Course also offered as summer workshop C&T 4822.

C&T 4023 Differentiated curriculum for gifted students
This course examines the characteristics of appropriate and defensible curriculum for gifted children and youth. Particular emphasis is placed on instructional strategies, curriculum theories, flexible grouping techniques, and meeting the needs of gifted learning in the regular classroom.
Instructor(s): Lisa Wright

C&T 4024 Planning and implementing programs for gifted students
Professor Borland. Examination of factors affecting planning and implementation of programs for the gifted, components of gifted programs, and systems approach to program planning. Students develop written program plans for specific settings.

C&T 4025 Educating young potentially gifted children
Examination of theories and practices relevant to the education of the young (preschool through second grade) potentially gifted child with particular focus on talent development, differentiated curriculum, nontraditional identification techniques, at-risk children, and parent education.
Instructor(s): Lisa Wright

C&T 4026 Giftedness and intelligence: Theoretical approaches
Professor Borland. Theories of cognition as they relate to the issues of intelligence and creativity presented as a basis for conceiving of students as exceptional and for differentiating their curriculum.

C&T 4027 Differential instruction for gifted students
Professor Borland and Dr. Wright. This three-day workshop provides participants with the opportunity to learn about and discuss new challenges and approaches to identifying and educating gifted students. Presentations and discussions will provide the core for each day. Small group work and individual consultations will also be integrated throughout the three days. The emphasis of these sessions will be on the creation of practical products and practices that can be used in the participant's schools. Schools are also encouraged to send both individuals and teams with clearly articulated issues and problems they would like to have discussed. Students enrolled for two credits will attend additional seminars to be scheduled during the class.

C&T 4029 Creativity: Its nature and nurture
An examination and critical appraisal of theories of creativity, test development to measure creativity, and methods designed to enhance the creativity of children and adults.

C&T 5302 Advanced practicum-giftedness
Permission required. Guided experiences for advanced students in Giftedness. Supervised group field visits. Initial internships arranged. Students submit reports analyzing experiences.
Instructor(s): Lisa Wright

C&T 5506 Advanced seminar-giftedness
Professor Borland. For doctoral students in Giftedness. Recent developments in theory and research in gifted education.

C&T 5902 Independent study--giftedness
Permission required. Qualified students work under guidance on practical research problems. Proposed work must be outlined prior to registration; final written report required.