The CEED Approach: Not for science teachers only.

The CEED Approach can be used by teachers of ALL subjects, because it integrates any or all disciplines using a popular subject—the environment—as a wider context for instruction. Environmental content is not the end, but the means, to collaborative, constructivist, student-centered learning.

Expert Support to Make the Unit Your Own

All CEED units are tailored to meet the needs of each individual educator, covering the content and standards you designate. We bring resources, activities and ideas to the table, which you can

  • Use as-is;
  • Modify to your specifications, or
  • Use as a model for entirely new activities or lessons you'd like to design.

You will have the support of like-minded peers and the live guidance and instruction of an expert curriculum specialist to help you determine what's best for you and make any modifications needed.

How CEED Works, across disciplines

CEED aligns with the Common Core standards and has been successfully implemented by ELA, Math, Social Studies, Art, ELL, and Special Education teachers.

Click here to read a case study of one unit that integrates ELA, Science, and Math.

Click here to see how even science worksheets can be designed to bolster literacy skills. For specific Common Core correlations, email with your grade and subject you teach.


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