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Residential Communications
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Residential Communication


  • Every room in Bancroft Hall, Grant, New Residence Hall, Sarasota and Whittier has a high speed Ethernet jack to provide Internet access. 
  • All computers connected to ResNet are expected to have up-to-date virus protection software installed.

For information about ResNet please visit 242 Horace Mann (x3304) or contact Dr. Nii Nartey at x8418 or

Whittier Hall residents can obtain information about ResNet from Woonhee Sung (212-870-6639), NRH, Bancroft, Grant & Sarasota Halls from Sayyid Cato (212-380-6153).

Wireless Status in the Residence Halls

Wireless access can only be obtained at locations on campus.  Few apartments receive the signal from the on-campus TCWiFi. Residents are allowed to set up wireless routers in their rooms, but they are required to properly plug in the router with appropriate security configuration.

Copyright Information for Network Users at Columbia
All network users must comply with the Federal Copyright Law. Violations of the laws are also violations of University Policy: No peer to peer file sharing is allowed using such software as Limewire, etc. Students have been sued for amounts averaging $5,000, so be careful!

Getting Connected to the Network
For Ethernet connection through a jack on the wall ("hard wire"), you need an Ethernet Cable. Plug one end of the Ethernet Cable into the jack and the other end in to your computer. If wireless signal is available, it is called TCWiFi.