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Teaching of American Sign Language (ASL) as a Foreign Language
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Teaching of American Sign Language (ASL) as a Foreign Language
In the Department of Health and Behavior Studies

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Student Teaching

M.A. practica are an integral part of the M.A. degree. Students spend a total of 400 hours for two semesters of student teaching, including 200 hours of observations and 200 hours of teaching, which divisible into 100 hours of observations and 100 hours of teaching each semester.

Before enrolling in student teaching, the student is expected to have completed the majority of his or her course work. Foundations courses and courses under "Deaf community and culture" and "Linguistics" must be completed before formal student teaching. HBSE4076 and courses under "Electives" may be taken either before or during student teaching.

In addition, the student will be expected to take the American Sign Language Proficiency Interview, or a recognized equivalent, and perform at an advanced level of rated performance. This assessment must be conducted by an outside agent or agency at cost to the student. As a condition of graduation, the student must achieve a rating of advanced-plus on the American Sign Language Proficiency Interview assessment device or its equivalent. If the student achieves this level before student teaching, that would be sufficient for graduation purposes. During student teaching, students need to take HBSE4711 I and II and courses under "Assessment.'

  •  6 points of practica experiences and student teaching

The students will enroll in two semesters of student teaching and practica experience associated with course work. Students will student teach at secondary schools for both semesters.

  • HBSE 4711 Observation and Student Teaching of ASL, I

In the first practicum, students will participate in introductory field observations and student teaching.

  • HBSE 4711 Observation and Student Teaching of ASL, II

In the second practicum, the students will be expected to do mostly student teaching.

In the field placements, it is expected that students will observe, evaluate, and tutor-teach to the degree appropriate to his/her level(s) of competence. These experiences in adopting the role of teacher-as-researcher/learner and completing their culminating research projects will be discussed in weekly on-campus seminars, HBSE4711 I and II, designed for student exchanges, program review and problem solving related to actual instructional experiences. Supervision will be provided regularly by the program coordinator as well as by master cooperating teachers who are carefully chosen on the basis of the quality of instruction they provide, their awareness and sensitivity to the competencies to be acquired by our students, and of their commitment to teacher preparation.

Practicum and student teaching is required of every student regardless of background or previous experience.