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Teachers College, Columbia University
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In the Department of International & Transcultural Studies

Doctoral Student Profiles > Yuri Yamasaki

Yuri Yamasaki

Program: Anthropology and Education

Degree:  Ph.D.

Previous Graduate Education: M.Ed., Tohoku University; M.Ed. and M. Phil., Teachers College

Research Interests: Linguistic anthropology; Japanese descendants in Latin America; heritage language education; youth and popular culture

Geographical Interests: Latin America

Selected Publications, Presentations, Works-in-Progress:
Yamasaki,Y. (Article under review). Attitudes toward Heritage: heritage language learning of Returnee Adolescents from Japan at a Nikkei School in Lima, Peru. Under review by Critical Asian Studies, as part of a special issue project “Heritage, Nationhood, and Language: Cases of Diasporas with Japanese Connections.”

Yamasaki, Y. (2007, November). Attitudes towards Heritage Language Leaning: Japanese-Peruvian-schooled Youth in the Face of Language Los sand Growing Transnational Migration. Paper presented at the 106th Annual Meeting of American Anthropological Association, Washington D.C.

Yamasaki, Y. (2007, March). Returnee Adolescents from Japan and Heritage Language education at a Japanese-Peruvian School in Lima. Paper presented at the 67th Annua lMeeting of Society for Applied Anthropology, Tampa, FL.

Yamasaki,Y. (2007, February). Positions and Challenges of Returnees from Japan at a Japanese-Peruvian School in Lima. Paper presented at the 23rd Annual Ethnography in Education Research Forum, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.

Yamasaki, Y. (2006, January). Being Nihon-Gaeri at a Japanese-Peruvian School in Lima: Positioning of the Returnees from Japan and School Culture. Paper presented at the 27th Annual Meeting of Intercultural Education Society of Japan, Osaka, Japan.