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Recent Student Publications Page

Recent Student Publications

January 2014. "Social Stratification in Jaffna: A Survey of Recent Research on Caste" by Prashanth Kuganathan

Kuganathan locates the system of caste in transition in the Jaffna Peninsula in Sri Lanka by reviewing recent literature written after the commencement of the war.

September 2013. "Vetiver in Southwest Haiti" by Scott Freeman

Freeman analyzes the production and supply chain for Vetiver production in the south west part of Haiti.

June 2013. "Islamic Education and the Howzevi (Seminarian) Women from Pirouzi-Tehran" by Amina Tawasil

This piece attempts to situate the howzevi women in their immediate surroundings of Pirouzi as having had historical ties to the 1979 revolution; a revolution which for them Islamicated public space and paved the way for an expansive access to the women's howzeh elmiyeh (seminaries) in Iran.

May 2013. "Caring for them All: Mexican Migrant Mothers and Their Children" by Gabrielle Oliveira

Oliveira explains how migrant workers in the U.S. who work as caregivers are changing their understanding of what it means to provide care for their own family members and be a "good" mother.

January 2013. "On the Edge of Protest in Iran" by Amina Tawasil

Tawasil explores the boundaries between a houzevi (seminarian) woman in Tehran and herself, to illustrate what can be learned from a moment which risks certainty, reveals what does not make sense, and cannot be fixed to a single label of interpretation.

January 2013. "Transcending Linguistic Boundaries at Work" by Karen Velasquez

Velazquez looks at the multilingual repertoires of Latino immigrants working in Koreatown in New York City, shedding light on the ways in which immigrants transform and improve their working and living conditions while using language in unexpected ways.