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Programs in International and Comparative Education
Teachers College, Columbia University
Teachers College
Columbia University
ICE Alumni Profiles > Michelle Morais de Sa e Silva

Michelle Morais de Sa e Silva

Michelle morais de sa e silva

Advisor: Gita Steiner-Khamsi

TC Degree, Program & Specialization: Ph.D., CIE/Political Science

Geographical Focus: Africa and Latin America

Previous graduate education: M.A., Development Studies, Major in Politics of Alternative Development from Institute of Social Studies at The Hague, Netherlands

Research and scholarly interests: policy studies; politics and economics of educational borrowing and lending; South-South cooperation, South-South transfer; conditional cash transfer programs;  adult literacy policies, especially in African and Latin American countries.

Recent Presentations/Publications:

Morais de Sa e Silva, M. (forthcoming). South-South cooperation: Past and present of its conceptualization and practice. In G. Steiner-Khamsi and L. Chisholm (eds), South-South transfer: Cooperation and unequal development in education.

Morais de Sa e Silva, M. (forthcoming). NYC: a performance-based conditional cash transfer programme. A qualitative analysis. International Poverty Centre Working Paper.

Jules, T., Morais de Sa e Silva, M. (2008). How different disciplines have approached South-South cooperation and transfer. Journal of the Society for International Education, 6.

Morais de Sa e Silva, M. (2008). NYC: A controversial cash transfer in the North. In Poverty in Focus, vol. 15.

Morais de Sa e Silva, M. (2008). New York’s brand-new conditional cash transfer programme: What if it succeeds? International Poverty Centre One Pager, n. 60.

Morais, M. (2005). Cooperação Sul-Sul em Alfabetização: rumo ao Desenvolvimento Humano. In Revista da Alfabetização Solidária, vol. 5 (5).

Morais, M. (2005). South-South cooperation, policy transfer and best-practice reasoning: The transfer of the Solidarity in Literacy Program from to , ISS Working Paper Series, n. 406. The Hague: ISS.

Awards/Grants: M.A. full scholarship from Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education (Nuffic) (2003-2004); Best research paper award, Institute of Social Studies (2004); Ph.D. scholarship, Fulbright/ Brazilian Ministry of Education (CAPES) (2006-2010)

Something special about TC:
Teachers College offers a very friendly environment, where I have received individualized attention from faculty and staff. At the same time, as an affiliate of Columbia University, TC offers me the large diversity of courses and activities at the main campus. This combination has been very helpful and motivating for my PhD studies. Additionally, working with Professor Gita Steiner-Khamsi and her Ph.D./Ed.D. advisees has given me the real possibility of deepening my studies and research on topics such as South-South cooperation and transfer.