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Programs in International and Comparative Education
Teachers College, Columbia University
Teachers College
Columbia University
IED Professional Specializations > Finance & Planning

Finance & Planning

Liaison: Professor Mun C. Tsang

The Finance and Planning concentration is devoted to the preparation of researchers, policy analysts, as well as managers and leaders in the financing and planning of education. The courses are designed to examine issues and topics central to the financing and planning of education at various levels across countries today and in the new century. These issues and topics include the financing of quality basic education for all, equity and efficiency in financing, higher-education finance, privatization and educational choice, international aid and education, decision analysis and planning in education, as well as the international and transcultural contexts of educational financing and planning.

This concentration is intended for students who will pursue a career dealing with financial and planning aspects in a variety of education settings, including schools and universities, government education departments and ministries, international development organizations, as well as non-profit and community organizations. In addition to courses listed below, students can select relevant courses from departments such as Organization and Leadership, Arts and Humanities, as well as from the larger university.