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Loss, Trauma, and Emotion Lab

George Bonanno, Ph.D., Teachers College, Columbia University
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  • Research Projects

    Flexibility in coping and emotion regulation

    We have developed an heuristic framework (Bonanno & Burton, in press) and a set of experimental and self-report measures to assess flexibility in coping and emotion regulation. One version of our experimental paradigm, which we have referred to as expressive flexibility (EF), assesses people’s ability to ramp up or enhance and ramp down or suppress emotional expression. More recent versions of the paradigm have involved the up- and down-regulation of affective experience measured using facial EMG and EEG. We are actively exploring variations on this paradigm in our lab, and in collaboration with Karen Froud's lab at Teachers College and with Tracy Dennis and her colleagues at Hunter College. We have also developed a questionnaire measure of flexibility in coping with potential trauma, The Perceived Ability to Cope with Trauma (PACT) scale (Bonanno, Pat-Horenczyk, & Noll, 2011).