Current Projects

STEM Early College Expansion Project (SECEP) (2014-2018)
NCREST leads the STEM Early College Expansion Partnership (SECEP). Our goal is to engage students in early college experiences as well as to improve STEM education in participating districts in Michigan and Connecticut. Over five years, SECEP strives to improve both college readiness and STEM education for 22,000 high-need middle and high school students, decreasing drop-out rates and boosting college enrollment. SECEP also will improve underrepresented populations’ access to STEM careers by increasing the number of students enrolling in dual credit STEM courses and pursuing postsecondary credentials.  This will be accomplished through targeted professional development, coaching, and ongoing support.

Strategic Partnership with the Institute for Student Achievement (2001-present)
Since 2001, NCREST has been the strategic partner to the Institute for Student Achievement (ISA). NCREST has collaborated with ISA on the design, development and roll out of their high school reform model.

Partnership with the New York City Chapter of Say Yes to Education (2002-present)
NCREST has been a partner to the New York City chapter of Say Yes to Education (SYTE) since 2002. NCREST provides on-going organizational and strategic support to the chapter in areas such as professional NYC middle and high school choice and admissions process and staff recruitment, and preparation of annual reporting to the foundationís board.

Collaborative Research on the Bard High School Early College (BHSEC) Model (2012-2015)
NCREST is partnering with Bard High School Early College (BHSEC), to document key design features and practices associated with its model.

New Jersey Network of Superintendents Documentation (2008 ­ present)
NCREST helps to design and document the development of the New Jersey Network of Superintendents (NJNS).


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