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NCREST works to advance education stakeholders’ understanding of the complex and challenging work of restructuring schools. To carry out this mission, NCREST conducts research, fosters connections, and shares expertise, resources, and images that help education practitioners, reformers, researchers, parents and community members to reimagine and create equitable and effective schools. ...Read more

What We Do
NCREST carries out projects that address many of the fundamental and comprehensive changes that successful restructuring demands. Current projects include research and support for the Institute for Student Achievement, the evaluation of the Say Yes to Education Program in New York City, support and evaluation for the New Jersey Network of Superintendents, ..Read more

International Ed News invites you to join a symposium at #AERA2015 sponsored by the Educational Change SIG either in person or online.  You can start the conversation now by reading posts on educational innovation in Mexico and ColombiaFinlandGhana and Mali, and Singapore  Singapore using the hashtag: #WhatsnewAERA to share your comments and questions. We will use your questions and comments to inform the discussion Friday and plan to live-tweet the conversation so that anyone can follow along.


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