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Online and print publications produced as part of NCREST projects address the changes that need to be made in many aspects of schooling -- including school organization, teaching practices, curriculum, assessment, accountability, parent and community involvement, and policy. These publications take many forms including books, journal articles, commentaries, and as well as a series of Practice Briefs that provide guidance on key issues of school improvement. Sample publications include:

Hatch, T. (2009). Managing to Change: How Schools Can Survive (and Sometimes Thrive) in Turbulent Times. New York: Teachers College Press. (An accompanying website can be found here)

Kim, J. (2009). College Performance and College Readiness Attitudes: Middle College National Consortium Early College High School Seniors. New York: NCREST.

Hatch, T. (2009). The scholarship of teaching and web-based representations of teaching in the United States: Definitions, histories, and new directions. Educational Action Research, 17 (1), 63-78.

Hatch, T. & Grossman, P. (2009). Learning to look beyond the boundaries of representation. Journal of Teacher Education. 60, (1): 70-85.

Spence, K. & Barnett, E. (2008). Highlights from the MCNC Graduating Student Survey Data: Early College High Schools (2006-07). New York: NCREST.

Ancess, J. (2008). Small Alone Is Not Enough: How Can Educators Recover the Purposes of Small Schools? Educational Leadership, (65),8, 48-53.

Hatch, T. & Pointer Mace, D.(2007). Making teaching public: A digital exhibition. Teachers College Record.

Ancess, J., Barnett, E., & Allen, D. (2007). Using Data to Inform the Practice of Teachers, Schools, and School Reform Organizations. Theory into Practice (46), 4, 325-333.

Practice Brief #1: Mission, mission on the wall. Thomas Hatch. New York: NCREST

Ancess, J. & Allen, D. (2006). Implementing Small Theme High Schools in New York City: Great Intentions and Great. Harvard Educational Review. 76 (3).

Hatch, T. (2006). Improving schools in turbulent times. The New Educator. (2), 267-276.

Bragg, D.D. & Barnett, E. A. (2006). Academic Pathways To and From the Community College. New Directions for Community Colleges. 135.

Hatch, T., Eiler, M., Raley, J., Austin, K., Capitelli, S. & Faigenbaum, D. (2005). Into the Classroom: Developing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2005.

Hatch, T., Ahmed, D. Lieberman, A. Faigenbaum, D., Eiler, M. & Pointer Mace, D.H. (Eds.) (2005). Going Public with our Teaching: An Anthology of Practice. New York: Teachers College Press.

Allen, D. & Blythe, T. (2004). The Facilitator's Book of Questions: Tools for Looking Together at Student and Teacher Work.
New York: Teachers College Press.

Weinbaum. A., Allen, D. Blythe, T., Simon, K., Seidel, S. & Rubin, C. (2004). Teaching as Inquiry: Asking Hard Questions to Improve Practice and Student Achievement. New York: Teachers College Press.

Ancess, J. (2004). "Snapshots of Meaning Making Classrooms." Educational Leadership. September.

Hatch, T. & Honig, M. (2004). Crafting coherence: How schools strategically manage multiple, external demands. Educational Researcher. 33 (8), 16-30.

Ancess, J. (2003). Beating the Odds: High School as Communities of Commitment. New York: Teachers College Press.

Hatch, T. (2003). "The 'Long Haul' or 'Boom or Bust'?". Education Week (23),2, 32-35.

Blythe, T., Allen, D. & Powell, B.S. (1999). Looking Together at Student Work: A Companion to Assessing Student Learning. New York: Teachers College Press.

Allen, D. (Ed). (1998). Assessing Student Learning: From Grading to Understanding. New York: Teachers College Press.

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