Recent Projects

Education for the Poor: Financial Crisis Response Project in Mongolia (2010 – 2013)
ICREST (NCREST’s international branch) and the Mongolian Education Alliance provided technical assistance to the Mongolian Ministry of Education on an ten-component Asian Development Bank-funded project.  ICREST provided the following forms of technical assistance: (1) development of program monitoring instruments and processes for the free preschool meal program and free textbook program for poor households; (2) capacity building support at the national, provisional and school-level in budgeting, school management, and information systems development; (3): conducted feasibility studies on mechanisms for reducing the costs of school uniforms and for increasing community involvement in schools; and (4) development of multimedia communication strategies and materials for increasing schools’ participation in a block grant program.

International Baccalaureate School Transformation Research System (STaRS) (2012)
NCREST, in collaboration with another research organization, is assisting IB to develop a system for the ongoing collection of data from schools on their transformation as a result of becoming IB schools.

PAN 3 Action Research Study: Practice Area Network 3 Math DYO Assessment Initiative
From 2008 to 2010, NCREST collaborated with elementary schools in New York City’s Empowerment School Organization Network 3 (ESO 3) to design and conduct an action research study on the network’s Math Design Your Own (DYO) formative assessment practices.

Early College Data Use and Professional Development Project (2007- 2010)
The Data Use and Professional Development project represents a collaboration between NCREST and Jobs for the Future (JFF). Its purpose was to assist early college high schools and intermediary organizations to effectively use data.

International Baccalaureate Quality Assurance Framework (2011)
NCREST provided assistance to the International Baccalaureate organization in assuring the fairness, equity, and quality of its school authorization and review process.

Research on Early College Math and English Instruction (2009-10)
NCREST conducted research and produced a report on the ways the Early College High School math and English teachers prepared students for college level work.

Cleveland Schools Excellence Project (2007)
In 2007, the Cleveland and Gund Foundations asked the Institute for Student Achievement (ISA) and NCREST to identify, describe, and share best practices that exist within Cleveland public, private and charter schools.

Urban Advantage: Documenting 8th Grade Science Inquiry (2006-07)
NCREST carried out a documentation project of Urban Advantage (UA), a New York City science education initiative that partners eight renowned science-rich cultural institutions with the New York City Department of Education and public middle schools to promote scientific discovery and learning.

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