Name Position Office # E-MAIL
AHN, Messuk Evaluation Director 646-745-8231
AKLOG, Fenot Director of Research and Development 646-745-8227
ANCESS, Jacqueline(bio) Co-Director 646-745-8233
ANID, Audree Office Assistant 646-747-8220
BARNETT, Elisabeth(bio) Associate Director 646-745-8228
BLANC, Robin College Success Advisor 212-870-2062
CABRAL, Aquilino Student Support Programs Manager 646-745-8226
CASIMIR, Marzela Research Assistant 646-745-8234
CASTRO, Cristina Office Assistant 646-745-8220
CHANG, Hong  Assistant Director of Chapter Academic Support Services 212-870-2062
CUEVAS, Virginia Chapter Operation Coordinator 646-745-8236
FEREIRA, Tyler Assistant Director of Chapter College Success Initiatives 646-745-8236
FERGUSON, Daniel, Research Assistant 646-745-8223
GARCIA, Dunia Assistant Managing Director of Student Development & Support Services 212-870-1084 dgarcia@tc.columbiaedu
HATCH, Tom (bio) Co-Director 646-745-8235
HOLDEN, Dennis College Success Advisor 64-745-8223
HULACKA, Grazyna Director of Grants & Finance 646-745-8229
KIM, Jennifer Senior Research Associate 646-745-8241
MAHNKEN, Tessa Office Assistant 646-745-8220
MORALES, Michelle Lead Director of Student Services 212-870-2063
RIDDLE, Emily Project Coordinator 646-745-8230
RUMBERGER, Alison Research Assistant 646-745-8223
SHEIKH, Sidra office Assistant 646-745-8220
TORRES, Lidia SYTE Director 646-745-8232
TOUSSAINT, Lindsay College Success Advisor 646-745-8236
ZANDER, Sabine Research Associate 646-745-8224

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