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Organization & Leadership
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Organization & Leadership

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Welcome to the Department of Organization & Leadership

  • Welcome to the Department of Organization & Leadership

    Welcome to the Department of Organization and Leadership, and especially to our Programs in Adult Learning and Leadership, Education Leadership, Higher and Postsecondary Education, Executive Program for Nursing, and Social-Organizational Psychology.

    Our MA, EDM, EDD, PhD degree programs are unique:

    • We link leadership and learning. Our faculty and students lead by helping others to learn, and by keeping their own continual learning at the center of how they lead.
    • We keep one foot in research and the other foot in practice. Some faculty and students conduct research and then apply it to practice. Others start with a deep understanding of practice, and then carry out research to improve that practice from the inside. Still others invent new ways to link these two activities. Our dual attention to research and practice guides our students’ experiences in and out of the classroom.
    • We recognize the value of organizations with diverse members. Our faculty seek to create organizations and communities comprised of diverse individuals who will bring unique insights, questions, and interests to collective endeavor. We prepare our students to develop and support diverse organizations.
    • We understand that the organizations and communities we serve must promote the common good. Our faculty and students conceive of leadership as an ethical imperative to act in ways that support our essential humanity, regardless of whether the organizations we serve are schools or colleges, hospitals, for-profit businesses, non-profit organizations, branches of the military, or government agencies.

    We hope that you will explore our pages and consider pursuit of your studies here.

    Anna Neumann
    Professor of Higher Education
    Chair, Department of Organization and Leadership


News From Organization and Leadership

Faculty Updates

  • Faculty Updates

    Description:, Caryn J. (2015).  The impact of color-blind racial ideology on maintaining racial disparities in organizations. In H.A. Neville & D.W. Sue (Eds.), The Myth of Racial Color Blindness: Manifestation, Dynamics, and Impact (pp. 263 - 286). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

    Reddington, L.A., Peverly, S.T., & Block, C.J. (2015). An examination of some cognitive and motivation variables related to gender differences in lecture note-taking. Reading and Writing: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 1(31). DOI: 10.1007/s11145-015-9566-z.

    Description:, Alex J. (2015). Site selection in school district research: A measure of effectiveness using hierarchical longitudinal growth models of performance. School Leadership & Management, 35(1), pp. 39-61.

    NSF Grant Proposal: "BIGDATA: EAGER: Using Big Data to Investigate Longitudinal Education Outcomes through Visual Analytics." $299,680, two-year award (starting October 1).

    Description: escription: osx 10.9.2:users:delima:desktop:31912_lcm2166.jpgCorbin Campbell was awarded the National Academy of Education/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship for "Assessing College Educational Quality: An Inside View of Teaching Quality and Academic Rigor in U.S. College and University Classrooms."  Dr. Campbell was also appointed to the Editorial Board of Review of Higher Education.

    Description: escription: osx 10.9.2:users:delima:desktop:9429_mb1434.jpgAs of June 2015, Madhabi Chatterji has assumed the position of co-editor of Quality Assurance in Education, an international peer-reviewed journal focusing on topics and issues of educational assessment, evaluation, and quality.

    Editor of a Journal Special Issue: Chatterji, Madhabi (2014) (Guest Ed.). Issues in educational assessment, accountability, and quality. Quality Assurance in Education, 22(4). Special Issue.

    Description: osx 10.9.2:users:delima:desktop:ed2222.jpgDrago-Severson, Ellie & Blum-DeStefano, J. (August 2015). Make time to recharge: Growth and renewal play key roles in sustaining school leaders. Journal of Staff Development, 36(4), pp. 38-42.

    Drago-Severson, E., Roy, P., & von Frank, V. (2015). Unpacking the Leaning Forward Standards for Professional Learning: Learning Designs. Thousand Oaks: Cowin/Sage Press and Leaning Forward.

    Description: escription: osx 10.9.2:users:delima:desktop:33364_ndd2123.jpgNoah Drezner was awarded the 2015 Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) John Grenzebach Award for Outstanding Research in Philanthropy for Educational Advancement in recognition of “The Social Base of Philanthropic Fundraising in Higher Education: How Frames and Identity Matter.”  Dr. Drezner was also elected to the Board of the Organization for Refuge, Asylum, and Migration (ORAM), which is the only international organization devoted solely to advocating for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex refugees fleeing brutalization due to sexual orientation or gender identity.  Dr. Drezner has also been named as this year’s presenter of the Barbara Townsend Endowed Lecture at the annual meeting of the Association for the Study of Higher Education in November 2015.

    Description: osx 10.9.2:users:delima:desktop:tem17.jpgTerry Maltbia named “Coach of the Month” by the New York Chapter of the International Coach Federation.

    Description: escription: osx 10.9.2:users:delima:desktop:33360_7483_an350image.jpg

    Neumann, Anna & Pallas, A.M. (2015). Critical policy analysis, the craft of qualitative research, and analysis of data on the Texas Top 10% Law. In Critical Approaches to the Study of Higher Education, edited by A. Martinez Aleman, B. Pusser, & E.M. Bensimon (pp. 153-173). Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University.

    Dr. Neumann was also awarded a second year of funding on a grant from the Teagle Foundation toward the support of MetroCITI (Metropolitan Colleges Institute for Teaching Improvement), which seeks to provide institutional and professional development opportunities to faculty teaching in the liberal education curriculum of high-diversity colleges and universities in the larger NY Metro area.  The work encompasses delivery of services and research on teaching and faculty professional development.

    Description: osx 10.9.2:users:delima:desktop:dn28.jpgCaryn Block and Debra Noumair are co-editing a special issue of the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, titled: “Understanding diversity dynamics in systems: Social equality as an organizational change issue.” Dr. Noumair is co-editor of an annual book series entitled, Research in Organization Change & Development, which is published in Emerald.  Volume 23 of the series was published during the summer of 2015.  Dr. Noumair also co-chaired the symposium at The Academy of Management in Vancouver, on Research Trajectories in Organization Change & Development: Conversations with Volume 23 Authors.

    Description: osx 10.9.2:users:delima:desktop:wap2112.jpg

    Pasmore, William A. (2015). Leading continuous change: Managing churn in the real world. Oakland: Berrett Koehler.


    In honor of Dr. Pasmore and his colleague Dick Woodman from Texas A&M University, the Academy of Management Organization and Development division now gives an award annually named the “Pasmore-Woodman award” to recognize scholars who have made substantial contributions to the field as a result of their sustained collaboration.  The first such award was given out in Vancouver this past August.

    Description: osx 10.9.2:users:delima:desktop:ep248.jpg

     Commentary piece: Perry, Elissa L., Golom, F.D., & McCarthy, J. (in press). Generational differences: Let’s not throw the Babyboomer out with the bathwater. In Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice.


    Dr. Perry has also been invited to be the keynote speaker at “Age in the Workplace Meeting” at the Kemmy Business School of the University of Limerick in Ireland, November 4-8, 2015.

    Yorks, Lyle (20Description: osx 10.9.2:users:delima:desktop:ly84.jpg15). The practice of teaching cooperative inquiry. In H. Bradbury (Ed.), The Sage Handbook of Action Research, 3rd edition (pp. 256-264). London: Sage Publications.