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Executive Program for Nurses
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Executive Program for Nurses

In the Department of Organization & Leadership

Degrees > M.A. Administration Studies (NEXM)

M.A. Administration Studies (NEXM)

The Faculty envisions the Executive Program for Nurses with specializations in Administration and Professorial Studies as preparing leaders for roles in healthcare organizations--both service and education. These roles are defined as those that advance, implement, and manage the practice of nursing and healthcare without primarily operating in one-to-one relationships with students or clients. Hence, the graduates of this program will have their major impact on nursing and healthcare by influencing other interdisciplinary healthcare providers and learners. All role preparation in the Department of Organization and Leadership, Executive Program for Nurses, is based upon an approach of open inquiry, scholarly pursuit, and the ability to synthesize knowledge from diverse disciplines.

Program Objectives - Master of Arts Degree
  • Evaluates the contribution of knowledge from related fields to the development of nursing science.
  • Engages in the application and evaluation of nursing theory to education and practice.
  • Uses both inductive and deductive strategies in examining the relevance of nursing science to nursing practice and education.
  • Formulates nursing research questions from practice situations.
  • Derives propositions from nursing theory for systematic investigation in education and practice.
  • Evaluates nursing research findings to advance nursing practice and education.
  • Applies knowledge from related disciplines in the area of role concentration.
  • Analyzes nursing issues in historical, political, social, and economic contexts.
  • Develops plan for translating knowledge acquired in program into future practice.
  • Articulates selected career role within a theoretical body of knowledge.
  • Incorporates knowledge from related disciplines into inquiry methods in nursing.

Note: This Guide should be read in conjunction with the current Teachers College Catalog.The student is responsible for meeting the requirements in both documents. If an inconsistency in student interpretation exists between this Guide and the Teachers College Catalog, policies in the Teachers College Catalog prevail.