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Executive Program for Nurses
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Executive Program for Nurses

In the Department of Organization & Leadership

Doctor of Education > Academic Coursework

Academic Coursework

The Ed.D. program requires a minimum of 90 points beyond the Baccalaureate degree. Of these 90 points, a maximum of half (45 points) may be taken elsewhere in an approved graduate program and transferred into Teachers College. Transfer credits will be evaluated and approved in keeping with current Teachers College policy. Their usability or applicability to the student's Program Plan will be determined by an assigned Faculty Advisor. Programs may exceed 90 points to provide a suitable basis for the dissertation and program requirements.

The Doctoral Cohort Program spans six semesters, three courses per semester, meeting every Friday. In addition, doctoral students must become certified and must satisfactorily complete requirements for a dissertation, usually following completion of coursework.

Course Requirements

Required Core Nursing Courses (Foundations) (Major)
Theory of Nursing (3 Points)
Interdisciplinary Theory (3 Points)
Nursing Science (3 Points)
Informatics - Beginning and Advanced (3 Points)
Crisis Intervention (3 Points)
Health Problems and Issues (3 Points)
ORLN 5005 Interdisciplinary Theory in Nursing (3 Points)

Required Specialization Courses (Role Concentration) (Major and Broad and Basic)
Leadership and Management (3 Points)
Personnel Management (3 Points)
Fiscal Management (3 Points)
Nursing Administration (3 Points)
Legal Issues in Healthcare (3 Points)
ORLN 6514 Marketing Nursing Programs (3 Points)
ORL 5551 Ethics for Healthcare Professionals (3 Points)
ORLN 6615 Colloquium in Nursing Administration (3 Points)
ORLN 6522 Policy Formation and Governance in Healthcare (3 Points)
ORL 6011 Advanced System Management (3 Points)
ORLN 6014 Managing the Socially Responsible Organization (3 Points)
ORLN 6511 Innovations in Nursing Management (3 Points)
ORLN 6635 Colloquium in Nursing Education (3 Points)
A&HF 4090 Philosophies of Education (3 Points)
ORLN 5011 Designing, Planning and Monitoring the Nursing Care System (3 Points)

Required Core Research Courses
Methods of Nursing Research (3 Points)
Basic Concepts in Statistics (3 Points)
ORLN 5043 Nursing Research Development (3 Points)
HUDM 4122 Probability and Statistical Inference (3 Points)
ORL  6500  Qualitative Research  (3 Points)

Doctoral Dissertation Courses (Research Courses)
ORLN 6540 Seminar on Dissertation Design Development
Prerequisites: ORLN 5043, ORLN 4005, ORLN 5005, statistics and Certification.
This course may be repeated as often as necessary until the student is ready for the Departmental Dissertation Conference. Once ORLN 6540 has been taken, continuous Autumn and Spring enrollment in the course is required until the semester during which the Departmental Dissertation Conference is held.
(3 Points)
ORLN 6541 Advanced Seminar on Dissertation Design Development
Prerequisites: ORLN 6540 and Certification
Corequisite: ORLN 7500
(3 Points)
ORLN 7500 Dissertation Seminar in Nursing
Prerequisites: ORLN 6540 and Certification
Corequisite: ORLN 6541
ORLN 6541 and ORLN 7500 are to be taken in the semester in which the Departmental Conference Examination is to be held. They may only be taken once. If the student does not complete and pass the Departmental Dissertation Conference during the semester that ORLN 7500 is taken, the student will receive an Incomplete in ORLN 7500. The incomplete is removed upon passing the Departmental Dissertation Conference at a later semester.
(3 Points)
ORLN 7900 Directed Dissertation Research
After coursework is completed, this course must be taken continuously every semester, up to and including the semester in which the "Defense" is held and the revised and/or completed dissertation is submitted to the Office of Doctoral Studies.
(3 Points)

Statistics Core Courses
The Department requires a two-course sequence in statistics or in a selected area of research methods in addition to the college requirement for HUDM 4122.

Approved by Professor Elaine La Monica Rigolosi, Program Coordinator, Executive Program for Nurses,Department of Organization and Leadership. January 15, 2014.