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Executive Program for Nurses
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Executive Program for Nurses

In the Department of Organization & Leadership

Doctor of Education (NEXD) > Certification


In addition to the Teachers College policies regarding the certification process explicated in Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Education, the Executive Program for Nurses advises you of the following.

Purposes of Certification

  • To ascertain the candidate's knowledge of the current issues in nursing and healthcare and the specialization of organization and leadership.
  • To determine the candidate's ability to analyze critically the positions taken on current issues by leaders in nursing and healthcare.
  • To determine the candidate's ability to take a realistic position on the issues in nursing and healthcare, and to support that position through the creative use of fact, opinion, and reason.
  • To determine the candidate's ability to communicate ideas effectively.

Content of Examination

  • The morning examination is in the general field of nursing and healthcare. The content relates to current issues, trends, and goals. The student is expected to demonstrate application of a personal philosophy and knowledge of the nursing and healthcare domains.
  • The afternoon examination is related to the specialization for which the student is preparing. The content will focus on specific problems, issues, and trends in the practice of organization and leadership in healthcare environments.

Rating of Examination

Faculty Members in the Executive Program for Nurses read the personally unidentified examinations and independent ratings are made. A composite rating of the examinations is evaluated for pass or fail by the Faculty and then is compiled by the Program Manager.

The student is expected to answer the questions asked, demonstrating a high level of scholarship and knowledge of grammar and composition. Further, the student must demonstrate evidence of logical reasoning, originality, creativity, breadth of vision, and knowledge of pertinent literature in the field.

Certification Examination Schedule

The examinations are given during the third semester of coursework and are available during the subsequent, regular, academic semester, if necessary. Failure on the certification examination is of concern not only to the student but also to the Faculty of the Program. Therefore, students unsuccessful on this examination will be required to consult their Advisors to review their status and goals. Upon approval of the Advisor and recommendation from the Faculty of the Program, the student will be permitted to write the certification examination at the next testing period. Students unable to write a successful examination on the second attempt must withdraw from the doctoral program.