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Executive Program for Nurses
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Executive Program for Nurses

In the Department of Organization & Leadership

M.A. Administration Studies > Admin: Academic Coursework

Admin: Academic Coursework

The Program for the Master of Arts degree preparing for the Nurse Executive Role - Administration Studies, particularly nurse management in professional organizational environments, emphasizes study in inquiry processes and the synthesis of nursing and management theories as well as the development of nursing as a profession.

Generally, the curriculum falls into the following categories:

Required Core Courses (Foundational Courses) 15 points
Elective Core Courses (Professional Courses) 6 to 9 points
Required Context Courses (Role Concentration) 15 points
Elective Context Courses (Cognates) 9 to 12 points
Capstone Project 0 points
Total 48 points

Students are required to take a minimum of three Teachers College courses in which at least six points are earned outside of the Executive Program for Nurses. Out-of-department courses or any course with a prefix other that "ORLN" are applicable toward this minimum three-course requirement. In the Executive Program for Nurses, inquiry, research, and other cognates satisfy this College requirement.

Course Requirements

Required Core Courses (Foundational Courses) (15 points)
ORLN 4005 Theories of Nursing (3 Points)
ORLN 5000 Nursing Science (3 Points)
HUDM 4120 Basic Concepts in Statistics (3 Points)
ORLN 5013 Informatics in Nursing (3 Points)
ORLN 5040 Methods in Nursing Research (3 Points)

Elective Core Courses (Professional Courses) (6 to 9 Points)
ORLN 4001 Contemporary Issues in Nursing (3 Points)
ORLN 4004 Historical Trends in Nursing (3 Points)
ORLN 4050 Health Problems and Issues in Society (3 Points)
ORL 4003 Crisis Intervention (3 Points)
ORL 5551 Ethics for Healthcare Professionals (3 Points)

Required Context Courses (Role Concentration) (15 Points)
ORL 4054 Leadership and Management in Healthcare Organizations (3 Points)
ORL 4011 Personnel Management in Healthcare (3 Points)
ORL 4014 Legal Issues in Healthcare Organizations (3 Points)
ORLN 4013 Fiscal Management of the Nursing Organization (3 Points)
ORLN 5010 Administration of a Nursing Organization (3 Points)

Elective Context Courses (Cognates) (9 to 12 Points)
These courses should be in a discipline relevant to preparation for the role. Such disciplines include organizational psychology, administration, human resource management, adult education, and others. Electives may be from the Department of Organization and Leadership, including, but not limited to:
HUD 4120 Methods of Empirical Research (3 Points)
ORLN 5530 Seminar: Clinical Teaching and Evaluation (3 Points)
ORLN 6501 Seminar in Professional Nursing (3 Points)
ORLN 6615 Colloquium in Nursing Administration (3 Points)
ORLD 4051 How Adults Learn (3 Points)

Capstone Project (0 Points)
Students should refer to "Degree Requirements."

Approved by Professor Elaine La Monica Rigolosi, Program Coordinator, Executive Program for Nurses, Department of Organization and Leadership. January 15, 2014.