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Executive Program for Nurses
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Executive Program for Nurses

In the Department of Organization & Leadership

M.A. Professorial Studies (NEPM) > Professorial: Sample Program

Professorial: Sample Program

Below is a sample Cohort Program spanning four full-time semesters, meeting every Friday. Please make note that this is only a sample and is subject to change. Program schedules are posted every semester. 

Semester I:  Autumn (12 Points)
ORL 4054 Leadership and Management in Healthcare Organizations
HUDM 4120 Basic Concepts in Statistics
ORLN 4005 Theories of Nursing
ORL 4014 Legal Issues in Healthcare Organizations

Semester II:  Spring (12 Points)
ORLN 5000 Nursing Science
ORLD 5055 Staff Development and Training
ORLN 5013 Informatics in Nursing
ORL 4003 Crisis Intervention

Semester III:  Autumn (12 Points)
ORLD 4051 How Adults Learn
ORLN 5040 Methods of Nursing Research
ORLN 5530 Seminar: Clinical Teaching and Evaluation
ORLD 4844 Helping Adults Learn

Semester IV:  Spring (12 Points)
ORLN 6501 Seminar in Professional Nursing
ORLN 5230 Fieldwork in Nursing Education
ORLN 4050 Health Problems and Issues in Nursing
ORLD 4053 Facilitating Adult Learning

Period of Candidacy
At the time of admission, students are notified by the Admissions Office of the dates of their candidacy (five years from the date of admission). Should this time expire, the Faculty Advisor and the Registrar may grant an extension based on the student's written request and proof of hardship. When students are requesting such an extension, the Faculty Advisor may require a written plan for completing the degree requirements before endorsing the student's request.