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Prospective Students

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Prospective Students

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Education Leadership Ph.D. program at Teachers College, Columbia University!

The Education Leadership Ph.D. program is a 90-credit, full-time program that focuses on adult development, leadership development, and organizational development. Heavy in research methods, it prepares students to enter the professoriate in higher education institutions. Dr. Ellie Drago Severson is the Program Director of the program.


Degree Type & Credit Requirements

Experience of Applicants

Curriculum Focus


Is this an Online Program

Time to Complete

Contact Person for More Information

Ph.D. in Education Leadership

Ph.D. (At least 90 credits, depending on course of study)

Some contact with leadership and a Masters in a related field

Leadership development to work with preparation of principals and superintendents. Prepares students to enter the professoriate and to conduct research.

Full-time only


5 years

Dr. Ellie Drago-Severson, Program Director

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* Learn more about the application requirements on the How to Apply tab