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Ph.D. in Education Leadership


Dr. Ellie Drago-Severson


The PhD program in Education Leadership has two lines of inquiry and research:

- Leadership for Adult Development (LAD)

- Leadership & Organizational Development (LOD).

Both tracks are aimed at preparing future university professors to conduct research and to teach leadership at the graduate school level. The LAD track has an adult development focus, namely to support individual and group growth through the theoretical and research lenses of adult development and adult learning. Our other track, LOD, emphasizes a theoretical and research focus on the leadership of groups, institutions and organizations from an organizational and social psychology perspective.


Dr. Ellie Drago-Severson
Program Director




Klingenstein Private School Leadership

Dr. Pearl Rock Kane



This concentration is tailored to the needs of private school professionals and prepares students to meet the challenges of leadership as school heads, principals, deans, department heads, and instructional leaders. Master’s degree programs specializing in Private School Leadership are offered in two formats, an intensive yearlong course of studies or the Leadership Academy - a concentrated program offered over the course of two summers. Most students attend the yearlong program full time. The concentrated master’s program offered over the course of two summers allows students to earn a degree while continuing full time employment.

Pete Simpson

Associate Director

(O) 212.678.666


Summer Principals Leadership Academy

Dr. Craig E. Richards


In the Summer Principals Leadership Academy, aspiring principals study intensively during two consecutive summers and have an internship experience in the intervening year. This program leads to initial certification as a school building administrator. In order to apply to the Summer Principals Leadership Academy a candidate must possess: 1) a valid teaching license, 2) a minimum of three years of teaching experience, and 3) an institutional or district recommendation.
Note: In order to graduate, Students in the Summer Principals Leadership Academy program must take and pass the New York State Building Leader Exam Parts I and II, regardless of their state of residence.


Nicole Limperopulos

Assistant Director

(C) 917-855-6416,

(O) 212-678-3276,

Urban Education Leaders Program

Dr. Brian Perkins


The Urban Education Leaders Program is our Ed.D. cohort program for persons seeking leadership positions at the school district level and in other settings. Most courses in this program are offered during the summer or on weekends during the fall and spring terms; these courses are also open to other students.


Dr.Brian Perkins


Education Leadership Studies

No longer accepting new students


This concentration is a flexible course of study designed to meet the needs of students who are preparing for public school leadership positions that do not require state administrative certification, or for leadership positions in organizations that work with public schools, such as not-for-profit organizations, foundations, government agencies, and advocacy groups. Most students in this concentration pursue the master’s degree (M.A. or Ed.M.); occasionally we admit students who seek an Ed.D. degree with a specialization in private school leadership. These degree programs do not lead to New York State administrative certification.