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Art and Art Education
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Art and Art Education

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Macy Gallery Lecture Series


FALL 2011

Myers Lecture

The Bigger Picture of Drawing: a new curriculum a new pedagogy

In conjunction with the symposium: Thinking Through Drawing: Practice into Knowledge (see below)
Thursday, October 27th, 5-7 pm

Macy Hall 444

Lecture and conversation by Professors Farthing and Betts

Visiting professors Farthing and Betts will speak about the bigger

picture of drawing, and their new UK high school drawing
qualifications and Masters course. They will discuss together the
implications these courses have on pedagogy and student learning.

Betts & Farthing are practicing artists who share an understanding of

drawing that reaches well beyond the definitions normally handled
within the context of art education.

Since 2009 they have worked with Kelly Chorpening at the Centre For

Drawing, University of the Arts London, to develop and test a drawing
course that is now validated and operating in schools and colleges
across the UK. They recently developed an MA drawing course for
Wimbledon College of Art.

Underpinned by a belief that drawing should be not reduced in the

minds of students to an art related craft but presented as a part of
general literacy Betts & Farthing view drawing as a translation
process whose primary purpose is the reduction of  multi- dimensional
events  to readable two-dimensional imagery. With this in mind they
have built a course that  celebrates drawing’s connections with
writing and notation and acknowledges the role drawing increasingly
plays in discovery, and the planning, mapping, controlling and
recording of change.

Both professors are visiting from London and will attend the associate

international drawing and cognition symposium at Teachers College,
28th - 29th October. Simon Betts is the Dean of Wimbledon College of
Art and Stephen Farthing is the Rootstein Hopkins Professor of Drawing
at University of the Arts London.

For more information, please go to
or email

Macy Gallery Symposium  Thinking Through Drawing: Practice into Knowledge

An interdisciplinary symposium which brings together artists, cognitive scientists and art educators to consider the relationships between drawing and cognition.

Presenters include: Stephen Farthing, (Painter), University of the Arts, London,  Frederic Fol Leymarie,  (Computer Science), Goldsmiths, University of London, Barbara Tversky, (Cognitive Psychology), Teachers College and Stanford University, Ruben Coen-Cagli, (Neuroscience), Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Symposium dates: Oct 28-29, Time: Friday, Oct 28: 3-5 (by invitation only); Saturday, Oct 29, 9:30 am - 5 pm. Macy Hall 444.
Co-ordinator: Andrea Kantrowitz
Pre-registration required.

Contact information:


Gallery talk on Italian Video Today:  Double Identity - People - Stories - Places
 by curator Ludovico Pratesi
Thursday, Nov 10, 4-5 pm

*Please check back often on this page to find updates and detailed information about upcoming events.


Victor D'Amico "Art as a Human Necessity"

Collaborative Session between Teachers College, MoMA and The Art Barge

Three Collaborative Sessions provide the opportunity to contemplate how we can develop and better emphasize our own philosophy and practice of Art, Museum & Education for humanity as well as to rediscover new understandings of the work of Victor D'Amico, the founding director of the Education Department at MoMA. He broke through the boundaries that separated modern art, museums, schools and the natural world.

When: 2:00 - 5:00pm Monday, June 20 at Teachers College / 2:00 - 4:00pm
Tuesday, June 21 at MoMA / 4:00 - 6:pm Friday, June 24 at Art Barge


Victor D'Amico (1904-1987)

The founding director of the Education Department at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, and educational programs developer including The Children's Art Carnival. He taught at Teachers College and established The Art Barge as a summer school. His philosophy was based on a fundamental faith in the creative potential in every man, woman and child.

"arts are a humanizing force and that their major function is to vitalize living ..."

session I: TEACHERS COLLEGE, Columbia University

Victor D'Amico as Educator in the context of the Arts and Humanities.
Representatives of each Children's Art Carnival talk about its content and the
future perspective from its essence.

2:00 - 5:00pm Monday June 20th, MACY HALL 447


Professor Judith Burton, Director of Art and Art Education, Teachers College


"Children's Art Carnival in India in 1963" Prabha Sahasrabudhe, Former Professor of Art and Art Education, Teachers College

"Children's Art Carnival in Harlem in 1969-current" Betty Blayton Taylor, Founding Director of Children's Art Carnival in Harlem

"Children's Art Carnival in Tokyo, Japan in 1995" Chimako Maeda, Research, Visiting Scholar, Art and Art Education, Teachers College

"Children's Art Carnival at Art Barge in 2006-current" Christopher Kohan, President, The Art Barge/The Victor D'Amico Institute of Art


Wendy Woon Deputy Director of Education Department, Museum of Modern Art, New York

Please direct questions to Chimako Maeda at 212-280-5425 or email:

For further information about the sessions please see website:

Previous Lectures & Symposia

Mazaar, Bazaar: Design and Visual Culture in Pakistan
a book talk and lecture by Pakistani visual artist and writer Saima Zaidi

* Background image "Pattern to follow". Aisha Khalid. Gouache on Vasli, 2000. From Mazaar Bazaar

Thursday, March 31
4:30 -- 6 pm
Macy Hall 447


This talk, based on the book of the same title, will address a range of graphic expression-'"from film-promotion hoardings to newspaper front pages, from Mughal manuscripts to matchbox labels-'"depicting the impact of diverse cultures on the region assimilated over several millennia. It will offer an insight into the construct of a graphic identity for Pakistan after its Independence from the British Indian Raj in 1947 and the prevalence of a vivid pluralism evident in everyday design and visual culture.

Book description (from

Mazaar, Bazaar is an interdisciplinary study on design and visual culture in Pakistan, this book reflects social, commercial and geo-political changes influencing this region. It documents contemporary visual vernacular and provides an overview of the impact of diverse cultures assimilated over several millennia. A broad horizon of graphic expression is addressed: from architectural calligraphy to postage stamps, from steatite seals of the Indus valley culture (4000 BC) and coinage to Mughal manuscripts and cinema posters. Historic evidence is fused with contemporary expression, as well as "fine arts" with "applied arts."
Over 30 contributions from leading experts are organized into five sections. "Dekh Magar Pyar se" (Look, but with Love) consists of indigenous popular icons, a majority drawing heavily from religion and mythology. "Read" covers typography depicted by the Urdu, Persian, Arabic and English languages and script. "Be Pakistani, Buy Pakistani" celebrates consumer culture providing critique of some of the local retail packaging. "Pakistan Zindabad" (Long Live Pakistan) offers insight into the construct of a national graphic identity after its Independence in 1947. Pre-partition Perspective is structured chronologically and offers an illustrated history of the region.

It is a sourcebook for designers, artists as well as students of communication and culture.   

and will shortly be available in the Teachers College Gottesman Libraries 

Presenter biography:

Saima Zaidi is a communication designer, visual artist and arts educator based in Karachi, Pakistan. She recently edited the book titled Mazaar, Bazaar: Design and Visual Culture in Pakistan published by the Oxford University Press, Karachi, Pakistan in collaboration with the Prince Claus Fund Library, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Zaidi studied at the National College of Arts, Lahore, and the Pratt Institute, New York and has been teaching history of design and typography at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, and the Department of Visual Studies, University of Karachi, Karachi.

Sponsored by the Program in Art and Art Education, Teachers College, Columbia University, 212.678.3360 

== To request disability-related accommodations contact OASID at, (212) 678-3689, (212) 678-3853 TTY, (866) 624-3281 video phone, as early as possible.

Chinese Phenomenon -- Studio Art Practice and Cultural Identity


The Art and Art Education program at Teachers College holds events annually allowing faculty, students and others interested in cultural dialogue to join with invited artists, educators and scholars to consider important issues about art, culture and education. This Fall we are organizing an exciting program that looks at the creative and critical dialogue of artists who share a Chinese heritage and the issues of "Chinese phenomenon" in the current art world. This event will be presented in two parts. It will begin with an art exhibition to be held in Macy Gallery titled,Dialectal Dialectic: An exhibition of alternative practices of contemporary art within Chinese speaking regions. This exhibition showcases the artwork of three artists Chia-Ling Lee (Taiwan), Hong Wan Tham (Malaysia/Singapore) and Jun Gao (China). Exhibition Dates: Monday, October 11-Friday ,October 29, 2010 (

The second part of this event will be a gallery talk  and a panel discussion, Chinese Phenomenon -- Studio Art Practice and Cultural Identity, also hosted by Macy Gallery with support from the Myers Foundations and the Art & Art Education Program.

Gallery Talk:

Thursday, October 21, 4:00 - 7 pm , Macy 444

Presenter Biographies


Prof. Tian, Liming

Prof. Tian is currently the Deputy President of Chinese National Academy of Arts and the President of the Graduate School of Chinese National Academy of Arts. He taught Chinese ink painting and was the President of the Chinese Ink Painting School in Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing. Prof Tian is also a well known Chinese ink painter who has shown his artworks extensively within China and overseas. He will discuss the similarities and differences between Chinese and American cultures through the different painting practices in China and the United States in his presentation.


Dr. Chen, Chih-Cheng

Dr. Chen, Chih-Cheng has been the Director of the Centre Culturel de Taiwan a Paris since January 2008. He is a graduate from the Ecole Nationale Suprieure des Beaux-arts de Paris and the Institut des Hautes Etudes en Arts Plastiques. He has taught at the Universit Paris VIII and the National Taiwan University of Arts. Dr. Chen has been very active in the arts circle in France and Taiwan. He has contributed much to the networking and cultural collaboration between Taiwan and the European countries.


Prof. John Rajchman

Professor John Rajchman is a philosopher working in the areas of art history, architecture, and continental philosophy. He received a B.A., from Yale University and Ph.D., from Columbia University and is currently an adjunct professor and director of Modern Art M.A. Programs in the Department of Art History and Archaeology at Columbia University. He has previously taught at Princeton University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Collge International de Philosophie in Paris, and The Cooper Union, among others. Prof. Rajchman is a Contributing Editor for Artforum and is on the board of Critical Space. Professor Rajchaman has numerous publications both in the English and French languages in the areas of philosophy and the philosophy of art and architecture. Of monumental significance are his three books Michel Foucault: The Freedom of Philosophy (1985), Constructions (Writing Architecture) (1998) and The Deleuze Connections (2000).


Michelle Yun

Michelle Yun is an artist and independent curator based in New York. She currently serves as an assistant to Professor John Rajchman, Department of Art History and Archeology, on his Asian Art and Art Institutions seminar along with a series of related projects. Yun is also a lecturer at The Museum of Modern Art, where she was a member of the Department of Painting and Sculpture for nine years. After her departure from The Museum of Modern Art, she was Project Director of Cai Guo-Qiang's studio for two years and among other projects, was responsible for managing the organization of the artist's mid-career retrospective tour in collaboration with the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Ms. Yun's writings have been included in many publications, among them Cai Guo-Qiang: I Want To Believe, published in 2008 in conjunction with the exhibition organized by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York; The Figurative Impulse: Works from The UBS Art Collection, published in 2005 by the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico; and Greater New York, the 2003 exhibition organized by PS1 and The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Panel Discussion:

 Friday, October 22 4:00 - 6 pm , Macy 444

Panelist Biographies

Michelle Lim

Michelle Lim is a PhD candidate in the Dept of Art & Archaeology at Princeton University and a participant in the Whitney Independent Studies Program (ISP)'s curatorial studies program this year. She received her MA in Art History from Princeton University in Spring 2007.

Michelle Lim's interests are in 20th century art, architecture and design, with a special focus on the contemporary. Her ongoing dissertation project, "Navigating Floating Worlds," looks at how curatorial strategies have influenced the production, exhibition and consumption of Chinese contemporary art between 1979 and 2009.As an independent curator and critic, Michelle's writings include articles and reviews for the Asian Art News and World Sculpture News, as well as exhibition catalog essays. She recently curated Undercurrents:Experimental Ecologies in Recent Art, a Whitney ISP exhibition that took place at the Kitchen gallery, among other sites, in May-June 2010. She is, at the same time, collaborating with a group of artists,architects and designers on Visions & Illusions phase 3, a post-exhibition documentation project.



Dr. Hua-Chu Yen

Dr. Yen received her doctorate from the Art and Art Education Program at Teachers College, Columbia University. Her research examines the intersections within digital media, emerging technologies and cinema through the prisms of philosophical ideas and artistic expressions. Specifically, it concerns how contemporary artist deals with the dynamic conflict of time veering between time's progression and the immersion of time, and how our mediated experiences brought upon by interacting with new imagery. With her master degree in Art and Art History from Tufts University and in Interactive Telecommunications Program from New York University, Hua-Chu Yen has worked for the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, MIT Museum, I.D. Magazine, and Art Science Research Lab, co-founded by the late Stephen Jay Gould, and taught photography and video at Teachers College, Columbia University. A native Taiwanese, Hua-Chu Yen has published two books and numerous articles about visual art in New York for general public in Chinese-speaking communities.



Xiaozhu Wang

Xiaozhu WANG, a Ph.D. Candidate of Tsinghua University, working with Professor Wu Guanying. She obtained her master degree from the Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University in 2008. She was awarded Outstanding Graduation Thesis Prize and the title of Excellent Graduate by Tshinghua University. Then she became an assistant researcher of Professor Henry Ma, School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Her field of research is animated film screenwriting, in particular its application to the theory of film. She is deeply interested in interactions between different parts of character design and storytelling. She has written 2 textbooks about animation design and several research papers. Recently she became the fellow of the Dynamic Media Institute, Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, and is working on issues related to visual music.