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Art and Art Education
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Art and Art Education

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Professional Development

The Art and Art Education Program provides support and guidance to individual schools and community school districts in the development and implementation of exemplary art instructional programs. We have worked in close collaboration with several schools to create programs and support services that grow out of the needs unique to each site. In some of these arrangements, teachers have come to the college, using our studios for specially designed workshops and seminars, and then our staff Teaching Artists have gone into the schools to work with those teachers and their classes.

In other formats, our staff developers have consulted with school personnel, and then held workshops for teachers and administrators in their own schools, enabling participants to place current pedagogy into classroom practice. The number of sessions, the format, and the duration of the collaboration is flexible.

The Art and Art Education Program has designed and hosted several Leadership Institutes for Principals, and for District Arts Coordinators and Supervisors. These events provided opportunities for school leaders to understand the vital role of the arts in child and adolescent development; in the creation of an integrated curriculum; and to examine the ways that community cultural institutions can act as an important resource for instruction.

We invite future partnerships and are ready to collaborate with interested school and district leaders in the generation of rich and meaningful art experiences for students and faculty. We have a contract number as a service vendor approved by the NYC Board of Education.