Welcome to our Art and Art Education Program Web Site. The Program is proud of its prestigious history and continues to work at the forefront of contemporary thinking and practice. We welcome your participation.

We have various programs in art and art education, tailored to meet different professional goals from pre-service, and in-service, to doctoral study. Across all programs, however, is a respect for the uniqueness and integrity of the visual arts as a mode of knowing and expression. We believe deeply that all educators should have knowledge of the needs and capacities of the individuals they will teach along with rich understandings about the diversity of the culture that shapes individual endeavor

Students enter the Art and Art Education Program from all over the world. We are a diverse academic and artistic community. Placed as we are in New York City makes study at Teachers College incredibly rich, challenging, and exciting. We work very closely with most of the museums and arts organizations in the city and this affords us a privileged view of the range of possibilities and practices offered by art education.

We invite you to get to know us better through this web site. If you have questions that we do not respond to here, please consult with us; we welcome opportunities to meet students whenever possible.

Thank you for spending time with us.

Judith M. Burton
Professor and Program Director