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M.A. Student Handbook

Requirements for the Master of Arts

The program in History and Education is one of the oldest at Teachers College.  It is where students examine the issues and questions of education through the discipline of history.  To that end, the program addresses important educational questions, first by examining the ideas, individuals and institutions of the past with a view to determining their influence on their own times; and, second, by bringing historical knowledge and perspective to bear on current educational issues. 

The program allows for a great deal of flexibility and the opportunity to take courses across the Columbia community. The requirements for Master of Arts (M.A.) are: 

Points are the equivalent of credit hours at other institutions.  The majority of courses at Teachers College are 3 points.  A minimum of 15 points must be in the field of history and education, and at least 3 courses should be taken outside of the program, but within Teachers College.  All students are required to take A&HH 4070, the History of Education in the United States, offered in both fall and spring semesters.  Other courses that will fulfill your course requirements are:

A&HH 4076  History of Urban Education

A&HH 5070  History and Theory of Higher Education

A&HH 4076  History of African American Education

A&HH 5670  Colloquium in History and Education

A&HH 6199 Seminars/Special Topics in History and Education

(can be taken more than once for credit, on different topics)

            Federal Education Policy in the Twentieth Century

            Harlem Digital Research Collaborative, Parts A & B 

Students are also welcome to develop an independent study project with the faculty in history.  Those courses are listed as A&HH 4901.

Beyond these requirements, the world of Columbia is open to you to chart your own course and cross register in any of Columbia’s graduate courses.  Their course fee is a bit higher than that at TC, and their courses are typically four credit hours rather than three.  You must also follow the calendar of the school/program in which you are taking courses.

All of the faculty members in the program are available for advisement.  You will select one person to advise you on your Master’s Essay, with their agreement.

(v. 6-2013)