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Ph.D./Ed.D. Student Handbook

Doctoral Program (Ph.D. and Ed.D.) Guide

Welcome to the doctoral program in History and Education at Teachers College. The purpose of this guide is to provide a road map to the doctoral process with particular focus on the certification examination and dissertation proposal.  However, it is important that you keep track of and document your progress in the program.  Whether you have chosen the Ph.D. or Ed.D, The basic requirements are the same.

Of great assistance to you will be the publications in the Office of Doctoral Studies (ODS), 153 Horace Mann. Forms for the certification exam, program plan, proposal hearing, preparation of manuscripts and the like are available in this office.  The deadlines for filing these forms are also available.  Please keep track of deadlines for submission of forms and documents. 

The doctoral process, broadly writ, requires the following: 

The details and general time line for competing these requirements can be found in “Requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy,” and “Requirements for the degree for Doctor of Education,” both available on ODS.  It is imperative that students make themselves familiar with the appropriate pamphlet.  The requirements are generally the same across the college.  However, each program sets its own standards for the certification examination and the style in which the proposal is written.