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Doctor of Education

Ed.D (90 points)

The Ed.D. program in Social Studies leads to a professional degree designed to meet the needs of individuals preparing for careers of leadership and applied research in schools, universities, and community educational programs.

Degree Requirements

The Doctor of Education in Social Studies requires 90 points of graduate study and a dissertation.

 Courses in the major field (15 points minimum):

Required courses:

  • A&HW 5030 Diversity and the social studies curriculum
  • A&HW 5031 Teacher education in social studies
  • A&HW 5530 History of American social thought
  • A&HW 6500 Seminar in the history of social studies
  • A&HW 6530 Curriculum development, research, and supervision

 Research courses, seminars, and individual work (15 points minimum):

Required courses:

  • A&HW 5503 Research paper in social studies (done in conjunction with the fourth round of doctoral seminar)
  • A&HW 6503 Doctoral seminar in social studies (taken four times consecutively during the first two years of the program)
  • A&HW 7503 Dissertation seminar in social studies (taken at the time of presentation of the doctoral proposal)

Other offerings:

  • A&HW 6030 Research in social studies education
  • A&HW 6203 Advanced fieldwork in social studies
  • A&HW 6903 Research and independent study in social studies
  • A&HH  6041 Historical method

 Students are encouraged to take courses in both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies selected in consultation with an advisor.

 Broad and basic areas of professional scholarship (15 points minimum):

In consultation with an advisor, students will select at least one course in each of the following areas: the nature of education; the nature of persons and the learning process; curriculum, schooling, and leadership; and methods of evaluation. Other coursework in this area should be tailored to the individual student’s needs; consult an advisor.

 Content courses in the major field (15 points minimum):

Soon after beginning this program, students should select an area of emphasis, either American history or modern history, broadly conceived. These courses should be selected for their applicability to the student’s area of dissertation research. Coursework in the area of emphasis normally includes attention to the subject matters themselves as well as to questions related to educational programs in those subject matters.

 Further requirements:

In addition to the dissertation, there are other requirements. Students should consult an advisor in the Program and read the Doctoral Students Handbook for Social Studies.


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