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Ed.M (60 Points)

Ed.M (60 points)

The degree is intended for experienced educators; it is aimed at developing leaders in social studies education for settings such as community colleges, high schools, curriculum agencies, publishing companies, foundations and museums. Emphasis is on specialized work in curriculum development and the subject matters, methods, and materials of instruction. This degree program is also suitable for students contemplating future doctoral study. The program is flexible in nature and can be tailored to the student’s specific career goals.

Degree Requirements

This program requires a minimum of 60 points and an integrative project.

 Social Studies Foundations, Methods and Professional Content

(30 points minimum):

The courses in this area are intended to familiarize students with the historical development and current state of social studies education and to provide experience in research on educational practices. Students should consult with an advisor to determine what additional research courses outside the program will be needed in their individual programs of study; these out-of-program courses may be used to satisfy requirements in this area.

 Courses in the major field (15 points minimum):

Required courses:    

  • A&HW 5031 Teacher education in social studies
  • A&HW 5232 Fieldwork: Social studies teacher education
  • A&HW 5530 History of American social thought
  • A&HW 6530 Curriculum development, research, and supervision
  • A&HH 4070  History of education in the United States
  • A&HW 6500 Seminar in the history of social studies


  • A&HW 5037 Advanced methods of social studies curriculum
  • A&HW 5203 Fieldwork in social studies
  • A&HW 6935 Studies in history and in the teaching of history and social studies

 Curriculum Study (12 points):

Required courses:

  • A&HW 5030 Diversity and the social studies curriculum (or a comparable course in diversity)
  • One course in media and technology

 Social Studies Content Electives (15 points minimum):

A wide variety of courses combining content and pedagogy is offered in the program. Content courses are also available at Columbia University but should be approved by a program advisor before registration.

 Broad and Basic Areas of Professional Scholarship (18 points):

All students at Teachers College must take at least three out-of-program courses. (For this requirement, a course is defined as one in which at least 2 points is earned). Selected with advisor’s approval.

 Independent Study for the Master’s Thesis (6 points):

  • A&HW 5931 Guided investigations in the teaching of social studies
  • A&HW 6030 Research in social studies education

Master’s Project:

The master’s thesis will develop out of each student’s particular program of study. A student will work with an advisor to conceptualize, prepare, and write the integrative project. Students will enroll in the two courses above (A&HW 5931, A&HW 6030) in sequence across two semesters in order to plan and write the Ed.M. thesis in close consultation with the advisor.


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