Applied Linguistics & Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
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    Courses and Workshops

    Courses and Workshops


    The TESOL Program currently offers the following workshops. Please note that not all workshops are offered each term or each year. Refer to the Schedule by Semester for the current offering. Workshops may be taken for one point or no credit.

    A&HT 4164 TESOL methodologies: Language for specific purposes

    A&HT 4165 TESOL methodologies: English for academic purposes

    A&HT 4166 TESOL methodologies: Computer-assisted language learning

    A&HT 4168 TESOL methodologies: Culture and second language teaching

    A&HT 4169 TESOL methodologies: Literature in the ESOL class

    A&HT 4173 TESOL methodologies: Task-based and functional approaches to language learning

    A&HT 4174 TESOL methodologies: Teaching second language grammar

    A&HT 4174 TESOL methodologies: Teaching listening

    A&HT 4174 TESOL methodologies: Teaching speaking

    A&HT 4174 TESOL methodologies: Teaching reading

    A&HT 4174 TESOL methodologies: Teaching writing

    A&HT 4180 TESOL methodologies: Trends in TESOL metholodogies

    A&HT 4860 Specialized TESOL materials

    A&HT 4862 Specialized TESOL materials: Cooperative learning