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Art and Art Education
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Art and Art Education

Myers Projects

Since 2004, the Art and Art Education program has benefited form funding provided through the Myers Foundations. Established by Colonel Myers to support the arts in higher education, Teachers College has been one of five beneficiaries. Colonel Myers was a student at each of the Universities he supports. He was a student at Teachers College in the late 1930s and worked closely with the then Chair of Art Education, Edwin Ziegfeld, on his seminal text Art Today.

Projects accomplished and on-going:

Library acquisitions
Funding has enabled us to add almost one thousand new books to our arts section in the Milbank Library. For further information on this collection visit the library's website.

Collection restoration
Teachers College owns a variety of important collections of children and student art assembled over the past century. Funding has enabled us to restore and exhibit the ‘Art of the Adolescent: International Collection' assembled by Ed Ziegfeld in the late 1950s, and the student work of Arthur Dow created during the first twenty years of the past century. Both collections are now available for loan. For more information contact the Art Ed office at 212-678-3360.

Other collections awaiting conservation include those of: Victor D'Amico, Al Hurwitz, John Lidstone, Angiola Churchill, Lois Lord, Pearl Greenberg and Carole Cade.

Discovering graphic artists
With Myers' funding we have begun a regular schedule of purchasing prints from students in our printmaking course. Each print is requested in an edition of 6, one for each of the Universities supported through Myers' funding and one for the College of Colonel Myers in Palm Beach, Florida.

Macy Gallery acquisitions
A number of works have been acquired through Macy Art Gallery exhibitions to add to the Teachers College permanent collection. The works include selections from visiting artists and from student shows.

Myers funding has enabled us to begin a modest publication program. The first project was the production of the illustrated volume, The Ziegfeld Collection: International Artworks of Adolescents from the 1950s. Since then we have produced a number of publications including an illustrated volume on the work of Arthur Wesley Dow and his students at Teachers College. 

Program Projects