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English Education
Teachers College, Columbia University
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English Education

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Program Courses:

Please check the Class Schedule or contact the program for specific course availability for each semester:

A&HE 4050 Literature and Teaching
An examination of multiple approaches to reading traditional and contemporary texts using theory, criticism, and textual practices. Special fee required.

A&HE 4051 Critical Approaches to Literature
Literary selections are examined through various critical frameworks emphasizing the way texts are constructed and how readers negotiate meaning with texts. Special fee required.

A&HE 4052 Adolescents and literature
This course focuses on young adult literature, including discussions on issues of adolescent diversity, urban experience, gender and the teaching of adolescents, and literature. Special fee required.

A&HE 4053 Cultural perspectives and literature
Contemporary literary selections are explored within particular socio-cultural contexts, including geographical, ethnic, and political perspectives. Special fee required.

A&HE 4056 Feminist Perspectives and Literature
An examination of women writers of the 20th century, exploring common themes: growing up female, marriage and the family, women as artists, and minority women within a critical feminist framework. Special fee required.

A&HE 4057 English methods
This course focuses on practical aspects of teaching English, including lesson and unit plans, effective teaching strategies, evaluation and assessment, curriculum design, and integration of language arts. Special fee required.

A&HE 4058 Teaching of reading
The course focuses on helping teachers examine theoretical and pedagogical principles relevant to teaching literary and non-literary texts with emphasis on helping struggling adolescent and young adult readers. Special fee required.

A&HE 4100 Teaching Drama and Theater

Students will examine challenges and opportunities in the production, performance, and the educative power of drama. Special fee required.

A&HE 4151 Teaching of writing
The course integrates theory and practice for teachers. Topics include the textual character of genres, critical perspectives on writing instruction, research on writing, evaluation and assessment of writing, and classroom methods for teaching writing. This course is taught with A&HE 4156, Writing: Nonfiction, as part of a 6-credit block. Special fee required.

A&HE 4152 Literacies and technologies in the secondary English classroom
This course focuses on how new technologies have impacted and enabled emerging practices in the learning and teaching of English. Special fee required.

A&HE 4155 Critical issues in the secondary English classroom
An examination of critical issues that shape and reshape the teaching and learning of literacies in English classrooms. Special fee required.

A&HE 4156 Writing: Nonfiction
A non-fiction writing workshop. This course is taught as part of 6 credit block with A&HE 4151: Teaching of writing. Special fee required.

A&HE 4157 Writing: Fiction and personal narrative
A fiction writing class combined with close readings of selected contemporary writers. Special fee required.

A&HE 4158 Writing: Poetry
A poetry writing class combined with close readings of selected contemporary poets. Special fee required.

A&HE 4550 Teaching of poetry
Experience in reading and writing poetry, designing curriculum, and determining effective teaching practices. Special fee required.

A&HE 4551 Teaching of Shakespeare
An examination of diverse theoretical perspectives and pedagogical principles for teaching Shakespeare. Special fee required

A&HE 4552 Curriculum and assessment in the secondary English classroom
Dominant curriculum theories of the 20th century, related assessment and evaluation methods and traditions, and current approaches to assessing student and teacher learning in the secondary English classroom. Special fee required.

A&HE 4556 Seminar for Inservice Teachers
This seminar is designed to support practicing teachers as they compose and expand their teaching lives. The seminar will provide teachers with a community of colleagues with whom they can explore instructional strategies, pedagogy, and the challenges of contemporary teaching. This course is ordinarily offered online for students in the INSTEP MA program only. Offered fall semester only.

A&HE 4557 Seminar in the Teaching of English
This course offers inservice teachers a supportive community of fellow inservice teachers and will focus on praxis - the reciprocity of theory and practice - in public and independent schools. Offered spring semester only.

A&HE 4561 Teaching narrative and story
An examination of narrative theories, narrative design, and philosophies of composition.

A&HE 4750 Supervised teaching of English
Majors only. Students may satisfy state certification requirements by participating in the supervised teaching program in the Fall and Spring semesters. Students should plan to reserve part of each day Monday through Friday for classroom experience. Special fee required.

A&HE 4751 Fieldwork and observation in secondary English

Majors only. A series of guided observations of schools, teachers, and students, which are supplemented by opportunities to report and systematically reflect on observations. Special fee required.

A&HE 4904 Independent study in teaching English
Permission of instructor required. Research and independent study under the direction of a faculty member. Students work individually or with others.

A&HE 5149 Research Writing: Genres, Techniques, and Connections
Examines the conventions and practices of discourse communities, including the philosophical and intellectual traditions that influence the writing and publication of research.

A&HE 5150 Research in practice
Examines the role of practitioner qualitative research in knowledge production, teaching, and learning. Special fee required.

A&HE 5151 Perspectives on "popular" texts in English classrooms
This course examines "popular" texts and popular culture through modern and post-modern theoretical lenses. Special fee required.

A&HE 5154 Rhetoric and teaching

The course examines the applicability of rhetorical theories and composition research. Special fee required.

A&HE 5204 Fieldwork in teaching English

Provides opportunities for students to participate in workshops conducted by master practitioners and to develop projects for implementation in schools and other field settings.

A&HE 5504 Research paper: teaching of English

Required of all Ed.M., Ed.D. and Ph.D. students. This course facilitates the writing of a paper representing the results of an independent research project. Usually requires enrollment for 2 semesters, each earning 3 credits. Special fee required.

A&HE 5514 Literature and Literary Study

This course is an advanced seminar in literature and in critical theory as it relates to the reading, writing, and teaching of literature. May include an intensive study of a particular literary text, author, genre, or period. Special fee required.

A&HE 5518 Teaching English in diverse social/cultural contexts
This course examines how gender, class, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation issues may impact learning and teaching in classrooms. This course also emphasizes and models culturally responsive teaching. Special fee required.

A&HE 5590 Master's seminar: Reflective Practice

This course allows students to reflect systematically on their teaching practice and to complete a classroom-based inquiry project as a contribution to their ongoing professional development and professional knowledge in the field of English education. Special fee required.

A&HE 6011 The politics of teaching English

An examination of politically-sensitive issues in curriculum, instruction, and assessment with an introduction to political theories that interrogate policy and practice in the English language arts. Special fee required.

A&HE 6015 College teaching of English
An examination of problems and issues in the teaching of English to diverse populations of students in contemporary college classrooms. Special fee required.

A&HE 6151 Narrative Research in English Education
Permission of instructor required. A survey of approaches to and examples of narrative research, including oral history, life history, biography, autobiography, and autoethnography. Special fee required.

A&HE 6152 Advanced narrative research in English education
This advanced course will provide context for students to build on their prior knowledge of various genres of narrative research (biography, autobiography, testimonial, oral history, or life history, for example), to engage in sustained study of a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives that might frame their research, and to develop further their own narrative research projects.

A&HE 6204 Advanced fieldwork in teaching English
Permission of instructor required. Provides opportunities for instructional experimentation and research in classrooms and other field settings.

A&HE 6404 Internship in college teaching of English

Permission of instructor required. Provides opportunities to function in an apprenticeship role in teaching or research in the context of a college English classroom or other field setting.

A&HE 6450 Internship in teaching English

Permission of instructor required. Provides opportunities to function in an apprenticeship role in teaching or research in the context of a secondary English classroom or other field setting. Special fee required.

A&HE 6504 Doctoral seminar: Teaching of English
Must be taken at least once during course of doctoral study. Doctoral seminar will focus on research and theory in a special domain of English eductaion. Designed to help students gain expertise in a particular area and to help students develop research projects in that area. Special fee required.

A&HE 6514 Postmodern textual theories
Teachers will examine literary and theoretical texts central to postmodern theory. Students will explore, through a diverse range of means and media, texts deemed pivotal to postmodern approaches and principles. Special fee required.

A&HE 6904 Research and independent study
Permission of instructor required. Advanced research and independent study under the direction of a faculty member. Students work individually or with others.

A&HE 7504 Dissertation seminar: teaching of English
Permission of instructor required. Designed to help students complete an acceptable dissertation proposal. Special fee required.

A&HE 8904 Dissertation advisement in teaching English
Permission of instructor required. All Ed.D. and Ph.D. students upon successful defense of dissertation proposal must be continuously registered for Dissertation Advisement until the final defense of the dissertation. Fee to equal 3 points at current tuition rate for each term.

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