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Get a Blog!

We encourage all of our students to participate in the community through our blogging platform.

A scholarly blog can get you in the habit of clarifying your thoughts and studio work, and sharing them with your colleagues.

Students in English Education can set up personal and group blogs in no time. No prior experience is needed to get started publishing your work, and collaborating with others.

Get started with a Pressible blog...

Here are some ideas for posts to get you started. Get in the habit, early on, of publishing to your blog on a weekly basis.
Once you have a blog, and maybe a post or two, take a look around and see what others are doing. Comment on their posts, or write a post in response, and link to the original.

If you would like to start a group blog for a course or project, just login to Pressible, and once you are logged in, create a new site here. Once it is created you can invite users from your dashboard. It's a good idea to come up with a publishing plan to keep the group momentum going...

If you have any questions, check out the Pressible FAQ.