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Course Listing

Please check the Class Schedule or contact the program for specific course availability for each semester:

A&HH4070 History of Education in the United States
The development of American education in the context of American social and intellectual history.
Instructor: Ansley Erickson

A&HH4074 Historical visions of teachers and teaching
A critical examination of popular representations of teachers during the 20th century.
Instructor: Cally Waite

A&HH4076 History of urban education
Examines educational activities within urban communities including schooling and the educational activities of social, political, and cultural groups from the eighteenth century to the present.
Instructor: Bette Weneck

A&HH4901 Research and independent Study
Permission of instructor required.
Instructor: Ansley Erickson

A&HH5065 History of collegiate woman/careers
This course will focus on collegiate women and careers in U.S. history beginning with women’s access to higher education after the Civil War.

A&HH5070 History and theory of higher education
Fundamental ideas that have shaped liberal education in the United States and basic issues that arise in the formulation of purposes, policies, and educational programs in colleges and universities.
Instructor: Cally Waite

A&HH5072 Student activism and student movements in historical perspective
A critical examination of the changes and continuities in student life from the Colonial Era to the present, with special emphasis on the causes and consequences of protests and movements.

A&HH5076 History of African-American education
An exploration of informal and formal education from slavery to the present.
Instructor: Cally Waite

A&HH5670 Colloquium in history and education
For majors only. Discussion of research and teaching topics in history and education, presentation of dissertation proposals and drafts, and explorations of the employment prospects of specialists in history and education.
Instructor: Cally Waite

A&HH6041 Historical method
Permission of instructor required. Methods, principles, and problems of historical research and interpretation. Designed for students throughout the College undertaking systematic inquiries on historical topics.
Instructor: Cally Waite

A&HH6574 Seminar in the history of American education
Permission of instructor required.
Instructor: Ansley Erickson

A&HH6575 Seminar in the history of American education
Permission of instructor required.

A&HH6577 Topics in the history of American educational thought
Permission of instructor required. Prerequisite: A&HH 4070 or equivalent. Considers the origins of American education including international perspectives.
Instructor: Robert McClintock

A&HH6901 Research and independent study
Permission of instructor required.

A&HH6970 Studies in history and education
Advanced students may register for intensive individual study of some aspect of their specialization. Registration is only by permission of the professor under whose guidance the work will be undertaken. Times for individual conferences will be arranged. Enrollment may be for 1 or more points each term, and registration is not limited to one or two terms.
Instructor: Cally Waite

A&HH7501 Dissertation seminar in history and education
Permission of instructor required. Required of doctoral students in the semester following successful completion of certification examinations.

A&HH8901 Dissertation advisement in history and education
Individual advisement on doctoral dissertations. Fee to equal 3 points at current tuition rate for each term. For requirements, see section in catalog on Continuous Registration for Ed.D./Ph.D. degrees.
Instructor: Cally Waite