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Cross-Program Courses

Below are courses within our Department that might be of interest as Electives to non-majors and those from other Departments. For recommendations of courses outside of Arts & Humanities check with your Program.

The decision about which courses you should take must be made in conjunction with your advisor after your advisor reviews your transcript.

Faculty wishing to make additions or changes to this list should contact the department secretary.

Applied Linguistics

A&HL 4000 Introduction to Linguistics (3 credits)
Survey of cognitive and social approaches to the study of language, language acquisition, language systems, 20th century movements in linguistics, language varieties and attitudes, forms and functions of language in the classroom. Materials fee: $15.

A&HL 4001 Sociolinguistics & Education (3 credits)
Language variation based on social class, race, ethnicity, age, and gender; cross-cultural pragmatics, interactional sociolinguistics, code-switching, language planning, and World Englishes. Pedagogical implications. Materials fee: $15.

A&HL 4104 Discourse Analysis (3 credits)
Prerequisite: A&HL 4085. Introduction to spoken and written discourse analysis with an overview of various approaches. Development of transcription skills with application of teaching and research. Materials fee: $15.

A&HL 4105 Conversation Analysis (3 credits)
This course offers a general introduction to conversation analysis (CA) by considering CA's methodological principles and analytical concepts along with its wealth of classic findings on spoken interaction. Through an in-depth look into exemplary studies as well as a series of data sessions, the course also provides basic training in conducting CA analysis. Materials fee: $15.

A&HL 4500.1 - Advanced Language Study: Writing (1 or 2 credits)

Developmental ESL for non-native speakers of English who wish to improve their academic writing and speaking skills; emphasis on writing research papers or giving oral presentations in graduate seminars or other professional venues. Topics and emphasis change each term. Course may be taken more than once. Special fee: $15.

A&HL 4500.2 - Advanced Language Study: Speaking (1 or 2 credits)

Developmental ESL for non-native speakers of English who wish to improve their academic writing and speaking skills; emphasis on writing research papers or giving oral presentations in graduate seminars or other professional venues. Topics and emphasis change each term. Course may be taken more than once. Special fee: $15.

Bilingual/Bicultural Education

Fall 2014

A&HB 4029 Latino Children's Literature & Literacies (3 credits)

Participants will become familiar with literature for children and adolescents portraying Latino/a characters and themes, with various Latino/a authors, poets and illustrators, and with resources available for educators. The course provides criteria for the selection of such literature, specifically criteria to identify cultural authenticity. The experiences provided in the course will build a foundation for developing research and practice using Latino literature to support all readers in mainstream and bilingual classrooms.

Spring 2015

A&HB 4020.2 Foundations of Bilingual Special Education (3 credits)

This course examines the over- and under-representation of bilingual students in special education and the complexity in differentiating second language development from special education issues. Exploration of current research in the field of bilingual special education and implications for assessment will prepare teachers to be active participants in the eligibility process for special education and to act as advocates for bilingual students. Special emphasis will be placed on pre-referral informal assessment, the impact of assessment on instruction, and educational practices that can be established in the classroom.
Special fee: $20.

A&HB 4021 Foundations of Bilingual/Bicultural Education (3 credits)
Review of the linguistic, socio-cultural, philosophical, political, and historical foundations that have shaped bilingual education policies, program models, and teaching and assessment practices. Analysis of how diverse bilingual education program models throughout the world respond to different linguistic, social, and educational goals. Special fee: $20.

A&HB 4075.2 Cross-Cultural Communication & Classroom Ecology (3 credits)

Examination of the influence of culture in the design and implementation of school instruction. Identification of salient theoretical issues related to culture and social organization as they relate to the education of ethnolinguistic and minoritized children. Exploration of the learning/teaching processes within the context of multicultural and bilingual classroom settings from a cultural perspective. Reflection upon the role of the teacher in creating cultural learning environments. Survey of research approaches which serve as tools to examine classroom interaction. Special fee: $20.

A&HB 4140 Latina Narratives (2 or 3 credits)

The Latina Narratives class is a class in which we explore language not just in what people say about themselves or about how others characterize them, but also in relation to the historical concept of erasure, defined as the social organization of forgetting, an always-almost forgotten denial of form, life, and validity of place, and where only ghostly traces and residual mass remain. Students will read Latina narratives, read about narrative methodologies, and will do a narrative of a Latina woman.

History and Education

A&HH 4060 History of Education in NYC (2 or 3 credits)
The course examines the history of education in New York City over the course of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.  It does so from the perspective of different school groups, including African Americans and members of European, Latino and Asian populations who settled in New York City neighborhoods during distinct periods of the city’s history and attended and shaped its educational and cultural institutions.

A&HH 4070 History of Education in the United States (3 credits)
The development of American education in the context of American social and intellectual history.

A&HH 4074 Historical Visions of Teachers and Teaching
A critical examination of popular representations of teachers during the 20th century.

A&HH 4076 History of Urban Education (3 credits)
Examines educational activities within urban communities including schooling and the educational activities of social, political, and cultural groups from the eighteenth century to the present.

A&HH 5070 History and Theory of Higher Education (3 credits)
Fundamental ideas that have shaped liberal education in the United States and basic issues that arise in the formulation of purposes, policies, and educational programs in colleges and universities.

Philosophy and Education

Fall 2014

A&HF 4090 Philosophies of Education (2 or 3 credits)

An introduction to seminal texts, central questions, and rival traditions in philosophy of education. An invitation to develop one's own philosophy of education.

A&HF 4092 Education and the Aesthetic Experience (2 or 3 credits)
An invitation to engage with works of art which challenge conventional ways of thinking and perceiving; consideration of the relation of art, imagination, and education.

Spring 2015

A&HF 4091 The Call to Teach (2 or 3 credits)
Reading and discussion of philosophical and other works that illuminate what it means to be a teacher, whether of children, youth, or adults. Consideration of motives, rewards, and challenges in teaching.

A&HF 4094 School and Society (2 or 3 credits)

An examination of historical and contemporary conceptions of the relation between schools and society. Consideration of issues in social and political philosophy that bear on the question of why have schools
at all.

A&HF 4192 Ethics and Education (2 or 3 credits)
A focus on ethical judgment in the practice of educating. Readings, discussions, and course writings examine why ethical judgment in education entails reflection, perspicuity, experience, and tenacity.

A&HF 5590 Voices in Philosophy and Education (2 or 3 credits)

For doctoral students, especially in Philosophy and Education; master's students by permission. Topics vary. Close reading and discussion of one or more key thinkers in philosophy of education and the history of ideas (e.g., Plato, Kant, Pragmatism, The Frankfurt School).

Social Studies Education

A&HW 5530: History of American Social Thought (3 credits)
History of American social thought as it has influenced and been influenced by theories of education and patterns of educational practice. Special fee: $20.

A&HW 6530: Curriculum, Research, and Supervision(3 credits)
Aspects of curriculum; teaching and learning processes; attention to problems and techniques of supervision.
Special fee: $20.