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Please check the Class Schedule or contact the program for specific course availability for each semester:

Program Courses:

A&HW 4032 The study of world history and geography

Professors Gaudelli, Oppenheim. Particular attention to problems of conceptualization and interpretation involved in organizing and teaching world history with an emphasis in geography at both the middle and high school levels. Satisfies the New York State requirement for world history and geography. Also offered as an online course.

Instructor: William Gaudelli

A&HW 4035 New York City as a learning laboratory

Professor Rosenfeld. New York City's cultural, social, governmental, business and financial institutions, neighborhoods, community associations and ethnic groups, as studied within the context of New York State history and geography through field experiences. Emphasis on analyzing conditions affecting economic and civic decision-making. Satisfies the New York State requirement for New York State history and geography.

A&HW 4036 The teaching of social studies

 Professors Gaudelli, Patterson, Wylie. Basic classroom methods for teaching social studies in secondary schools; teaching resources and aids; assessment and testing; classroom management.

Instructor: Anand Marri

A&HW 4038 The study of American history and geography.
Illustrative themes in American history and geography for middle and high school. Attention to the history and geography of New York State. Satisfies the New York State requirement for American history and geography as well as for New York State history and geography.

A&HW 4039 The United States Constitution: Civic decision making

Professors Marri, Schmidt. Major philosophical foundations, problems preceding and during the convention, the struggle for ratification, detailed examination of the document, important court cases, non-written constitutional traditions, and unresolved constitutional issues. Selected cases from New York State history are highlighted. Satisfies the New York State civics requirement.

Instructor: Anand Marri

A&HW 4040 Women of the world: Issues in teaching

Professor Dauer. Women's lives viewed through history, geography, literature, human rights, demography, and economics provide the subject matter. Reconceptualizing the school curriculum is a dominant theme. Satisfies the New York State requirement for world history and geography.

A&HW 4041 Economic decision making in citizenship education

Professors Marri, Siegel. Selected topics in the teaching of secondary school economics that align with main themes of New York State social studies curriculum.

Instructor: Anand Marri

A&HW 4043 Controversial issues and the secondary classroom

Professor Siegel. This course is about the inclusion of discussions of controversial public issues in secondary school classrooms.

A&HW 4530 Seminar for student teachers in social studies

Professors Huth, Patterson, Wylie. Must be taken concurrently with A&HW 4730. Restricted to majors. Includes issues of school safety and health issues in secondary schools.

Instructor: Anand Marri

A&HW 4729 Observation in the social studies

Professor Wylie. Preliminary experience in the schools. Restricted to majors.

A&HW 4730 Supervised student teaching in social studies

Professor Wylie. Permission of instructor required. Must be taken concurrently with A&HW 4530. Restricted to majors.

Instructor: William Gaudelli

A&HW 5030 Diversity and the social studies curriculum

Professors Schmidt, Taylor. Curriculum theory and instructional methods related to teaching secondary school social studies in the diverse classroom. Particular attention paid to multicultural issues in urban settings.

Instructor: William Gaudelli

A&HW 5035 History of the social studies since 1880

Professor Gaudelli. A historical investigation of the development of the secondary school history/social studies curriculum, including questions related to objectives, content, and methods of instruction.

Instructor: William Gaudelli

A&HW 5223 Oral history as a multidisciplinary teaching tool
Students will learn the steps of oral history design for the classroom, including research, selection of interviewees, conduct of the interview, transcribing, reviewing, and editing.

A&HW 6030 Research in social studies education

Professor Schmidt. Permission of instructor required. Individual fieldwork in secondary school or introductory college social studies.

Instructor: William Gaudelli

A&HW 6500 Seminar in the history of the social studies

Professor Gaudelli. This course is for doctoral students taking the History of Social Studies since 1880 (A&HW 5035) and runs concurrently with A&HW 5035. Course requirements are designed specifically for doctoral students.

A&HW 6530 Curriculum development, research, and supervision

Professor Gaudelli. Aspects of curriculum; teaching and learning processes; attention to problems and techniques of supervision.

Instructor: William Gaudelli

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