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    TESOL/AL Roundtable

    About the TESOL/Applied Linguistics Roundtable

    The TESOL/AL Roundtable is a student-run organization designed to allow students to present research in an informal environment, share knowledge of upcoming events, and engage in dialogue with other TESOL/AL enthusiasts, whether they be part of the Teachers College community or from outside institutions. In order for growth of both student linguistic knowledge and community to occur, we strongly encourage the presence and participation of TESOL/AL professors. It is our hope that the TESOL/AL Roundtable may serve to strengthen the sense of community within our disciplines by drawing on the diverse knowledge and talent of our university, our city, and the world at large.

    To stay up-to-date on events during the academic year, please join our Facebook Group.

    Current Roundtable Officers

    Katie Heil, Co-Chair
    Melissa Smith, Co-Chair
    Andras Molnar
    , Finance Co-Chair
    Emily Jones, Finance Co-Chair
    Stacy Hall, Roundtable Operations Co-Chair
    Mariana Cruz, Roundtable Operations Co-Chair
    Kimberly Edmunds, Research Operations Chair
    Matty Espino, Social Operations Co-Chair
    Eunji Kim, Social Operations Co-Chair
    Jean Park
    , Publicity Co-Chair
    Vanessa Sheu, Publicity Co-Chair
    Dr. Howard Williams, Faculty Advisor

    The "HONOR ROLE": Former Roundtable Officers
    Fall 2013 - Spring 2014
    James Byun, President
    Heimei Sun, Vice President
    Tristan Thorne, Treasurer
    Sachiko Aoki, Secretary

    Fall 2012-Spring 2013
    Di Yu, President
    Andrea Durkis, Vice President
    Shiyun Sussi Su, Treasurer
    Jianxin Chloe Xie, Public Relations Officer
    Hoiyee Carol Lo, Secretary

    Fall 2011
    Payman Vafaee, President
    Farah Akbar, Vice President
    Di Yu, Public Relations Officer

    Farah Akbar, President
    Lindsay Wells, Vice-president
    Emmajoy Shulman-Kumin, Secretary
    Michael Vlahovic,Treasurer
    Di Yu, Public Relations Officer

    Christina Berry, President   
    Robyn Emerman, Vice-president  
    Denise M. Osborne, Treasurer   
    Tara McHugh, Secretary  
    Laura Kieffer, Faculty Liaison    
    Farah Akbar, Public Relations Officer

    Justin Kaley, President
    LaNysha Adams, Vice-President
    Jill Laing, Treasurer
    Lan Ngo, Liaison
    Steven Mercier
    Bob Bathrick, Secretary

    Jackie Gianico

    Michael Feyen