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    Program Policies and Procedures

    For all students

    Transfer within the TESOL and AL programs: Students should consult with their advisor before attending to the necessary procedures.
    EdM/EdD Program Change Form

    Transfer of Credits: Students may apply for transfer credit upon registering at TC. No transfer credit is awarded for M.A. students, including Teachers College credits that have already been applied towards a conferred M.A. degree. For the Ed.M., a maximum of 30 points completed outside of TC may be transferred. For the Ed.D., a maximum of 45 points may be transferred.

    Only graduate courses that have been

    1. completed with grades of B or higher,
    2. submitted on an official transcript from a regionally accredited institution, and
    3. granted or assigned credit on a transcript from that institution
    may be considered for transfer credit. For educational institutions located outside of the United States or Canada, a course-by-course evaluation by World Education Services, Inc. (WES) is required. Transfer credit is awarded at the discretion of the faculty advisor.

    Academic Standing: The TESOL Program follows the Teachers College policy regarding minimum grades for academic standing.  No more than three points of C- may be credited toward any degree or diploma.  Students who receive the letter grade of C- for 8 credits (or more) of coursework are considered in unsatisfactory academic standing and are dismissed from the College.

    For Ed.D. students

    Change of Advisor: The doctoral study is a lengthy process requiring the commitment of both the student and the advisor. In the event that a mismatch in interests or in mentoring and learning styles arises in the course of the study, students can and should request change of advisor. The student can decide whether to approach their current or their prospective advisor first in initiating the process. Both advisors must subsequently be in communication to facilitate the transfer and ensure that the student will be working under adequate supervision through the remainder of their study. It is strongly recommended that the change of advisor occur prior to the proposal stage.
    In line with the College policy, professorial (tenure line) faculty sponsor doctoral dissertations. Lecturers may serve on dissertation committees. The College policy regarding dissertation committee is as follows:
    "Each dissertation is guided and supervised by two or more faculty members (one of whom serves as a dissertation sponsor) known as the Dissertation Committee. The dissertation sponsor is usually the candidate's major advisor but may be another professor if the major advisor approves. Regular, visiting or adjunct faculty members of professorial rank (assistant, associate or professor) in any faculty or school of Columbia University are eligible to serve on the Committee. In rare cases, upon the recommendation of the department and with the approval of the Vice Provost, Teachers College instructional staff and faculty from other institutions can serve as members of the Dissertation Committee. This request must be approved prior to the Dissertation Proposal Hearing. Faculty from other institutions need to be approved as an honorary appointee. Under the guidance of the dissertation sponsor, the candidate ascertains each professor's consent to serve as a committee member.

    Registering for 8900 Courses
    : Dissertation Advisement (8900) is a Zero (0) point course that carries a fee equivalent to a three point course. Registering for this course carries the status of Full-Time for loan and housing purposes. This course is NOT to be included on the Program Plan.
    Normally doctoral students will not register for 8900 until they are finished with coursework. However, once Obligation for Continuous Enrollment kicks in after Recommendation or completion of the Dissertation Proposal, they can register for 8900 instead of 3 points of coursework to meet Obligation requirements.