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Fieldwork Requirements

Initial Childhood Certification Fieldwork Requirements

Initial certification students (Dual Stream A and B, and Peace Corps Fellows) must complete a 50-hour field experience prior to enrolling in either of the two student teaching experiences (C&T 4123 and A&HB 4720) required.  Students who are teaching could do most of the required fieldwork at their place of work.  These 50 hours will be integrated with the following coursework.

A&HB 4021

10 hours

A&HB 4028

15 hours

A&HB 4075

10 hours

A&HB 4121

10 hours for those not taking 4133 & 4134

A&HB 4133

5-10 hours

A&HB 4134

5-10 hours

Fieldwork Logs must be filed in the Office of the Program in Bilingual/Bicultural Education each semester with the Academic Secretary. You are responsible for getting your logs signed by a teacher or supervisor in your school and the instructor of the course. Log forms are available here, in the BBE office, or may be provided by your instructor.

Some students may be scheduled to take one of the above courses concurrently with their student teaching. Therefore, please do not do the minimum number of hours unless you are sure you will complete at least 50 hours prior to student teaching.


Middle Childhood Extension

If you are doing the Middle School Extension (Grades 5-9), you will have to complete an additional 50-hour fieldwork for 7th or 8th grade and take C&T 4145 before you graduate. Please inform the BBE Student Teaching Coordinator of this plan one semester prior to your BBE Fall student teaching placement in order to be placed in a 5th or 6th grade bilingual classroom.

Pedagogy of Social Imagination in Language Learning and Teaching (PSILLT) Project

The PSILLT project is a federally funded project aimed to support teacher candidates in gaining experience working with bilingual learners. It involves participating in planning meetings with a Professor to develop the curriculum for children in an after-school program and teaching primary grade students, mostly during the Spring of Year 1.

Stream A students will receive an invitation to participate in the project and the BBE faculty will choose a maximum of 10 Spanish/English bilingual students and 10 Chinese/English bilingual students to participate. While it is designed for Stream A students, those in other tracks can volunteer and participate.

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